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February 21, 2008

Where to Draw the Line of Pleasing The Search Engines Versus Your Clients

I was reading a blog entry from ChrisBoggs about content for search engines versus content for clients. You would think after all these years of online business and the growing popularity to buy online, find resources or sell your own services, that we would all be instant experts on SEO and proper content placement.

Well search around the net and see how many results take you to sites that make sense versus sites that are so jumbled up with information, it leaves you wondering how they ended up in that search result. Both types of sites make it into the top rankings. It seems the controversy here is quality content version SEO content and which produces results… well, they both do. The real issue is do your potential clients care if you have a nice clean site with information that compels them to use your services versus mixed up words that make no sense. Well, I know you are thinking that quality compelling content is better, but it appears that many site owners are not aware they can have great content and results. A real basic factor to understand here is how the search engines see your keywords and content.

The search engines use algorithms to ready your content. They read your meta data and your body content. But when they read this content it is not the same as you or I reading this content, they see this as patterns and what changes these patterns are basic things like bolding, capital letters, spaces, dashes, font size, etc.

So whether you have compelling content or cluttered content, it does not determine your rankings from the search engines. What improves your rankings in regards to content is your keyword placement, your content and how much of both are used on your site. If you sell widgets and your site does not express this throughout all of your pages then you will not rank for that keyword.

Personally if you are trying to stuff your site with keywords for the sake of traffic results then take the time to make sure the content makes sense to the reader and that you use enough of the keywords throughout the site to satisfy the search engines. There is nothing worse then searching and finding sites that make absolutely no sense. Why are people going to spend their money on your site if you are filling it up with words that that don’t give a clear picture of what you are offering?

If you can’t write good quality content and you are not sure how to properly place keywords then maybe it is time to hire a ghost writer for your site.