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February 29, 2008

Blogging: A New Asset To SEO

When you think of how blogging started so many moons ago, it was used as an online diary or more commonly a travel log. This would keep track of where you have been, what you saw and where you were going.

You could easily keep your family and friends updated on your latest excursion in a new place. The blogging world exploded and more often you were seeing political blogs, photography blogs and now corporate blogs? Did you hear me right? Yes.

Corporate blogs are the (not so) new seo tool that are vastly becoming popular on a number of sites showing up on and around the web. How do blogs help your SEO campaign? Well there are a number of factors that blogs can help you with in terms of SEO.

First of all, they are adding content. What is content? Content is king. When you decide to add a blog to any site you must first of all commit to actually adding content, at the very least on a weekly basis. The best content of course is original articles written by you or someone within your company. If you are not as scholarly as you would like and find it difficult to write articles on your desired subject, you can find yourself a content writer, there are many available for just this purpose, and you can verbalize what you would like to be told in an article and have them then put that verbage into an article, and voila! This can of course become very costly.

Another great way to add content, is to read articles written by other authors and comment on them. Find articles that you agree or disagree with and add your own ideas to that article (Alway’s remember to cite those authors). Finally the true tested method is keep up to date with the latest news in your field and keep your readers and customers up-to-date on the developments. Anyway you decide to keep your blog updated, just be sure you do just that. Blogging is a dedication and you will gain the benefits in your SEO efforts.

Secondly, a blog can be independently marketed within your SEO campaign. There are a number of blog directories such as blog catalog and Blogorama that you can add your blog to for free. These directories are great places to gain traffic to your site and find other interesting blogs to read and learn from.

You may be familiar with blog traffic sites which can gain your blog a number of loyal readers. These sites like Blog Mad and Blog Soldiers offer you a way to increase the number of times your site is being seen by simply surfing through a variety of sites included in their data base. Another great marketing tip for your corporate blog marketing.

A blog needs to be a functional and helpful resource and this will gain a number of subscribers to any blog. The more subscribers the blog has commenting and reading the content, the more likely your blog will create a buzz and become a useful tool to a number of people in your industry or field. What happens next, you ask? Natural linking. The ultimate in link development. By natural linking I mean, if your site is known as the ultimate resource other websites will naturally link to your blog as a tool for their clients and customers. We call this link baiting in the SEO world. Blogs are some of the best link bait there is in the seo world. So make your blog as creative, fun and informative for your readers so they will come back time and again.

In summary, SEO consists of two major components. Content development and link development, both of which can be achieved with the assistance of a blog. The initial stages of any new search engine optimization campaign can be difficult, but if you commit and stick to the power of blogging, you can create a community within your field and be a huge success in your SEO efforts.

Author:  Carrie Haggerty has been working in SEO and Internet marketing over the past 3 years. She has started her own SEO Firm, http:// She also has started her own SEO article website strictly for webmasters to submit, and is marketing it the new internet business owners as a resource.