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March 4, 2008

How to Get More Prospects Guaranteed When You Write Articles

Want to get more website traffic and more prospects now?

When you write articles, you will attract more attention and get more website traffic, online publicity and profits.

BUT, if you want to write articles that get read and keep your audience coming back for more, you must follow my basic rules of writing for an online audience. If you are used to writing articles for print publications, be sure to read these rules. The online consumer is different than the print consumer.

7 Article Writing Tips to Ensure Your Targeted Audience Reads What You Write & Buys What You Are Selling:

1. Use conversational copy. Talk to your readers. Use words that people know. Absolutely, do not use jargon. It is boring. You will lose your audience’s attention immediately. So, use words that people are familiar with and can connect to. Write like you talk and let your personality and experience shine through. You will make a better connection with your readers.

2.Go active. Words have power. Find specific active verbs to paint your copy. This will make your article exciting and lively. Action verbs are more engaging and will move the reader along. And, by using action verbs, you will automatically reduce the number of words it will take to get your message across. For example, “John loves Mary” is stronger than “Mary is loved by John.”

3. Make your copy benefit oriented. Honestly, your readers don’t care how many awards you have won. They don’t care how many degrees you have or how many books you have written. All they care about is how you can help them solve their problems. So include a strong benefit in your article title. Include benefits in your article. And add benefits to your “About the Author” section.

4. Connect with your readers’ emotions. We all want to feel smarter, richer, happier and thinner. Use these emotions to connect with your reader.

For example, “Do you feel paralyzed every time you have to go shopping? Do you hate trying on clothes? Does stepping in front of that three way mirror strike fear inside you? Here are my 7 top tips to help you lose weight now…”

5. Keep sentences and paragraphs short. When your readers see articles with long sentences, long paragraphs and no bullet points or sub-headings, they will automatically skip that article.

Here’s why?

  • Large chunks of information scare them.
  • It overwhelms them.
  • It takes too much time and effort to read that article.

And that’s the psychology of most readers online.

So make your sentences and paragraphs short. If your sentences are longer than 20 words, cut them up into two sentences.

You can also add lists and bullet points. And, use subheadings that will attract readers when they scan articles, just like I have done with this article.

6. Front-load your point. When you make readers wade through paragraph after paragraph of unrelated anecdotes before you get to your point, you’ve lost your audience’s attention.

Yes, Mark Twain pulled that stunt all the time. But, your name is not Mark Twain.

You want to tease your readers with bits of information they need to know. This way they’ll stick around to the end. They’ll then want to click on the link in your “About the Author” section and buy your products or services.

7. Simplify. Worried you’re not using the right words? Use simpler words. Worried that your sentences are not clear? Make simpler sentences. Worried that people won’t see your point? Make your point simpler.  Make things simpler and your writing problems will vanish.

That’s why every newspaper in the world is written so a sixth grader can understand.

I’m not telling you to boil everything down to “see spot run” simplicity. But, if you can’t make people understand what you write, it’s not because the world is filled with morons. It’s because your messages are not clear.

These are just some of the tips found in my Complete A to Z Article Marketing System at This easy system has helped hundreds of people just like you get articles get read from top to bottom. Follow my article writing advice and you will get more online publicity, website traffic and profits!

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