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writing.jpgI’m sure you’ve experienced this before. You hear from a friend about a great product and you hurry over to the sales letter to read all the details. Only when you get there, something isn’t quite right. You can’t explain it, but your excitement quickly fizzles.

It only took a split second for that sales letter to make a first impression and in this example, it wasn’t a good one. No matter how much your friend talked about this product, there’s just no way you want to slap down your credit card to buy. Then, a few seconds later, you’re gone.

Obviously that product owner just lost a sale but more importantly, you were a hot prospect because you came from your friend’s recommendation. So what happened? It really boils down to two words… “Professional Image”. The more time we spend online the more these two words become increasingly important.

You see, when you are selling products online, you have to think of your sales letter very much like a storefront. If there is nothing that grabs the reader and pulls them in… they’re gone. Likewise, if something turns them off, such as poorly designed graphics, then they’re gone even faster.

You have just a few seconds to make that first impression which is where many marketers drop the ball. They work so hard on developing the product and writing the sales letter that they forget those last few crucial details that make all the difference.

That’s why designing high quality header graphics is essential. It’s all part of branding. It paints a picture of who you are and helps build trust and credibility. However, creating header graphics by yourself can be challenging… especially if you don’t have any graphical knowledge.

Normally you have to outsource it to a professional designer. Depending on how many you want, that can get costly. The worst part is, if you want to make any changes afterwards, you’ve got to pay again. That’s why I would recommend using one of the available software applications (one that is reasonably priced) that will create professional header graphics for you.

These software packages are created for the “average person” which means you don’t need to have any graphical knowledge. To create your customized headers, you simply follow the instructions, press a button and save your image.

It’s really that easy with the most simple packages. This kind of software can mean the difference between spending all of your time trying to design your graphics the hard way or spending hundreds of dollars for a single header graphic to be created by a professional …versus… Having everything created for you so you just point, click and save. Seems like a no brainer doesn’t it?

It will be. You’ll will be very pleased with the quality of the header graphics as the majority of software packages are very professional looking. Remember, first impressions are important so make sure yours count by having an unlimited number of high quality graphic headers created for you and your business, all from one software package. There are a few on the market but shop around and check the quality of each one to ensure you get the product you are after.

To create headers that sell, check out the header software at http://header.generatorsoftware.com/x.php?af=426480

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