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March 27, 2008

Why All Keyword Phrases Weren’t Created Equal!

When you’re hunting for keyword phrases to use for your web pages or PPC campaigns, how do you actually know which phrases are likely to make you a profit?

And even more importantly, how do you actually find them?

First, lets review what might determine the profitability of a keyword phrase, and then I’ll tell you where you can go to find them quickly…

So what factors should you consider when trying to determine the profitability of a particular keyword phrase?

– the frequency of which your keyword phrase is searched on – the number of other web pages competing for your keyword phrase – how your keyword phrase is written – how much Pay Per Click advertisers are willing to bid for your keyword phrase – how closely matched your product is to your keyword phrase – does your keyword phrase include a product or brand name within the phrase

These six criteria above will go along way to determining how profitable a phrase will be for you.

Lets go through each of the criteria in more detail now and explore further how each actually influences the potential profitability of your keyword phrase…

1. Keyword Phrase Search Frequency

The higher the frequency that a keyword phrase is searched on, the higher the probability that it will be profitable as it will drivee you more traffic.

If your keyword phrase is never typed into a search engine, it definitely won’t bring you any traffic so you won’t make any profit from it!

2. Competition For Your Keyword Phrase Just because a keyword phrase is heavily searched on doesn’t mean it’s going to be profitable for YOU!

There is no point in optimising for traffic from highly searched on keyword phrases IF there are already thousands of other sites doing the same … because you’ll struggle to compete and have little chance of getting to the top of the rankings.

Therefore, for a keyword to be profitable, it needs to attract “reasonable” volumes of searches whilst not having too many web pages to compete with for the top spots … otherwise any chance of profitibility will be lost!

3. How The Keyword Phrase Is Structured This is a key point. When you discover a keyword phrase that gets a lot of searches and is structured in the format of a “question”, you’ve potentially found a highly profitable keyword to exploit.

What do I mean by “structured as a question”?

Well, if you discover a highly searched on keyword phrase that starts with “why”, “how”, “where” or “which”, you’ve discovered an opportunity to provide the searcher with a “really targeted benefit”.

When you see the same question being repeated, you can be sure there’ a lot of people in that niche wanting to know the same information … so if you create a product that provides the answer and market around that keyword phrase you should see some great results … keyword phrases that are centered around a question are your opportunity to give them something valuable that they want … it’s your foot in the door!

In particular, I find using keyword phrases that are “questions” to generate information products to give away as part of my list building process to be highly effective. Simply find the answers to the question and put together a short report to give away is a great list building tool.

4. How Much Google Adwords Advertisers Are Paying For The Keyword Phrase

If advertisers are prepared to pay a lot to dispaly their advert against a keyword phrase, it must follow that its a valuable keyword phrase, and therefore should be profitable … makes sense does it not? Life really does not need to be complicated …

All you need to know is how much advertisers are bidding for a keyword phrase … if its a lot and it gets traffic but isn’t too competitive, it should be profitable … if your product is closely targeted to it of course.

Knowing how much a keyword phrase is worth in Adwords is really valuable, it really indicates whether or not there is likely to be money in the niche or not … particularly if you’re going to try and make money from Google Adsense

I’ll show you a great tool in a moment for finding information on Adwords bid amounts for keyword phrases.

5. How Well Matched Your Product Is To Your Keyword Phrase

There’s no point in identifying a potentially profitable keyword phrase and then using it to sell a product that isn’t closely matched to it.

It’s really important that your product is closely aligned to the keyword phrase if you’re to make money from that phrase and achieve good conversion rates.

6. Include A Product Name In Your Keyword Phrase

Keyword Phrases that include a specific product name or brand name are likely to be high converting keywords if you’re going to use them for affiliate marketing, because people already have been pre-sold on the product as they know of its existence before they search on it.

For this reason, if you’re affiliate marketing, include some keyword phrases that centre around the product or brand name.

So there you have it, you now know how to identify profitable keyword phrases using the six criteria above to analyse their potentially profitability.

I promised to tell you where you could find all of the information you need to analyse your keywords in one single place … well if you click on the link below I will!

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