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April 21, 2008

5 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Websites have become far more important for an individual or a business as compared to a few years ago. Today, they have become the company’s or the individual’s online presence. Many of your goals and deadlines may depend on the traffic of your website. Here are 5 ways to increase traffic to your website.

Article Marketing: Probably, Article marketing is one of the cheapest ways to propagate your website if you have flair to write along with all the other qualifications and talents you have. Article Marketing simple means that you have to submit original and factual content about your website and product on the various Article Marketing sites with a short link to your website. This type of internet marketing has been known to borne excellent fruits for anyone who does it seriously. These links, called as link backs in the Web 2.0 parlance, will also ensure that your neighborhood increases, thereby working good for any Search Engine Website.

Advertise: For the initial stages, you may have to go into a tie up with the many affiliate marketing options available to you. Of course, with the course of time, you may have no need to go for affiliate marketing, but it is one essential investment that you may have to do to increase traffic to your website.

Use Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization is another excellent way of increasing the traffic of your website. More than eighty percent of web users today land up on websites via some search engine or the other, and the rest twenty percent are still to get a respectable browser. Therefore, search engine traffic plays a major role in the over all traffic of any website. To make your website search engine optimized is a bit complex, and may require the help of a qualified search engine optimizer. To make your website search engine friendly, you first have to do away with anything that makes it heavy. Secondly, you should cut away all those parts of your website which are not search engine friendly and cannot be read by the search engine crawlers. This includes Flash and Graphics. If you do insist on using graphics, try to get a description of the graphic into the website.

Index and Sitemap: Everyone likes system, and Search Engine Optimizers actually love any site with a sitemap. Also, having a sitemap makes it simpler for the user to access and move around on your website. This will surely increase your chances of being remembered by the web user who came across your website and play an important part in any change to your web traffic, be it good or bad.

Upgrade and Enhance: Once you have your website ready and launched, be sure to add something or the new to it almost every week or month. Of course, this may pose a problem to many webmasters, but the best way of countering this is by at least keeping something new or making something new for the homepage.

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