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April 23, 2008

4 Reasons Why Ecourses Are The Best For Building Targeted, Responsive Lists

Everybody knows they should be building a list of targeted, responsive subscribers, right? Well, if you didn’t, now you do.

But the fact is, building a list is harder than it used to be. Competition is high, and it seems like everyone is fighting for your subscriber’s attention. What this means is less people will join your list, less people will open your emails, less people will read your email and less people will ACT on your offers. All told, this means less money in your pocket from your email marketing efforts!

This problem hasn’t gone unnoticed. Over the years smart marketers have been offering free reports, free ebooks, videos or other ethical “bribes”. But in my opinion, there is no better method for building a targeted, responsive list than eCourses.

An eCourse is simply a series of emails sent to the subscriber with the goal of teaching them something of value. It is the REASON why a visitor to your site gives you their name and email address. They sign up because they want to learn something you are teaching.

Here are the 4 reasons I believe eCourses are best:

Ecourses Build A Highly Targeted List. This is not, “Sign up for my newsletter and I’ll send you a bunch of emails about anything under the sun”. There is a very specific reason for the eCourse. It is going to teach something about ONE topic. So, when someone subscribes for your eCourse, it is because they are interested in this topic and want to learn more from you.

This targeted list is a huge asset to your online business. You know EXACTLY what the subscriber is interested in. Therefore, you can design your lessons (and offers) to fulfill exactly what they want.

Ecourses Have A Higher Open Rate. Remember, there are other people competing for the attention of your subscriber. After getting people to sign up for your ecourse, getting them to open your email is the second big obstacle you must face. But, since they signed up for your eCourse, they WANT the information you are providing. Therefore, they are waiting for your email lessons. When they receive one, they are much more likely to open it!

More People Will Read Your Ecourse Lessons. Again, your subscribers asked for this information. They want to learn from you. They changed from someone looking for information to someone asking YOU for information. You bet they are going to read your lessons! While other emails go unopened and unread, yours is anxiously awaited and read.

Ecourse Convert Better, Making You More Money. Let’s not fool ourselves, you want to help people, but you also want to make money at the same time. This is why ecourses are perfect. Since your lessons are getting opened and getting read… you get a much higher percentage of people who ACT in response to your lessons. And when they ACT, either by buying your product or buying an affiliate product, you make money. A higher conversion rate means more profits for you!

So, if you want to build a targeted list people who are anxiously awaiting your emails, open them when they arrive, read them from top to bottom and ACT on your offer… eCourses are the way to go. And the great thing is, once you have one of these list building, profit generating courses in place, it runs on autopilot. So, you have plenty of time to create another profitable eCourse!

What’s your first ecourse going to be about?

Edward Lomax is the author of Autopilot Ecourse Cash which teaches you how to create remote control profit streams that work to make you money around the clock. To take one of his free ecourses, visit Big Wealth University.