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May 1, 2008

Focus On Quality Traffic Not Quantity

Now, going up the list in terms of quality, you will have PPC traffic generation (this isn’t really next long-term, but if you don’t know what you are doing, you can lose your shirt in a hurry with these, so be careful).

There is also ezine advertising, and article marketing, which, when done correctly, can be very profitable.

These are two forms of traffic generation that generally produce a much higher quality visitor than the ones mentioned earlier. Ezine advertising is more costly per visitor, and article marketing, although it can be done on a budget, is time consuming.

Now, everything is relative. You see, you will be spending more per visitor for these visitors, but when they come to your site they already have an interest in your type of product. They are a much more targeted visitor, and as such, are much more likely to purchase from you.

There is not much to say here about ezine advertising, except to try it out and experiment with various ads in various ezines. Again, it is important to track all your traffic and the source of your sales. You see, if you advertise in 10 ezines and receive 10 sales, it is very unlikely that each ezine produced one sale each. One ezine producing 8 sales, and another producing 2 sales, with the other 8 ezines producing nothing is probably much more realistic. For this reason, you must track, and it is also advisable to advertise in several at one time. For example, with the case just mentioned, if you had only advertised in some of the ones that didn’t produce, you would have a bad feeling for ezine advertising, and if you had gotten lucky and advertised in the one that produced the most sales, you would have become over-zealous regarding ezine advertising. But by purchasing several ads and tracking your results, you have a much more realistic picture of what ezine advertising can do.

Article marketing. This has recently become a very popular area of advertising, although it has probably always been effective.

What it entails is writing short, informative articles on the same topic as your book and including a link to your website at the end of the article. You then submit the articles to the various article submission directories. When they publish the articles, ezine directories pick up your article and use it as content for their ezine or newsletter. So, in a sense, it reaches the same market as the ezine advertising, but with a different cost. I say different, because although you are not paying for the article to appear, you also have no control over where it appears. The idea is that if you write a good article, the ezine editors will include it because they feel it is good information for their readers. It is also time consuming to write articles and submit them to the various article directories.

Now, just like everything on the web, there is an answer to that, but now you are spending money again. There are several article submission services out there that can submit your article to the various directories, for a reasonable fee. The advantage here is that you aren’t spending a ridiculous amount of time submitting the articles, but keep in mind that some of the better article directories won’t accept the automated submissions. The key here is to track what you, and check up on your articles to be sure they appear with all your links intact. This goes for whether you submit them yourself, or you have a submission service do it for you.

Ok, now for PPC click campaigns. These are pay-per-click campaigns that work exactly as the name implies. You pay when someone clicks on your website. They also have their good points and their drawbacks. They are wonderful for testing aspects of your web site, because in some campaigns you can have every other visitor go to a different version of your site, and track the conversion rate of different qualities of your page. They are good at simply bringing targeted visitors to your site. The drawbacks, however, are many, and I am not going to cover them here.

As you can see here, there are many different methods for generating traffic, and in some sense they can probably all fit into your strategy for generating sales. It is important, though, that you tailor each sales page or sales letter or squeeze page to the type of advertising you are running. You can have a great source of traffic but if you are ineffective at capturing either email information or the sale, you will not be productive. And each form of traffic requires a little different approach.

Another point here. Since there are so many different ways to generate traffic, which should you try, and should you try all of them? I suggest you choose a couple or three that you might feel comfortable with, or at least understand how they work. Also, do not try to use 25 different types of traffic the first month or two into this project. It is far better to choose two or three and focus on getting good at selling to that customer. It is so easy to get caught up in trying something new every single week, and never really making any money. Stick with a few, and master them.

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