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May 7, 2008

How To Make Money On The Internet By Selling Ebooks Of Your Own

It is incredible what lengths people will go to in an attempt to have success online without using any of their own ideas or products.

People are willing to go out of their way to buy pre-made web sites, purchase or find free ebooks to promote, and place affiliate links on their site to sell other people’s products. But if you really want to make money on the internet, try selling ebooks of your own.

I discovered this very fact out for myself. Much like many other entrepreneurs on the internet, I was moving along ok and making a few bucks here and there, but I certainly was not making the BIG bucks.

And that is when I realized what all of the top internet marketers were doing!

If you pay attention closely to some of the top internet marketers, you will notice that they all have their own products and ebooks to promote. i.e. They are all selling ebooks of their own.

There is no secret to their success. They were willing to put in the time to create fresh and enticing products.

There are far too many sites on the internet that have created duplicate content that is written in different wording. Unfortunately, most internet surfers can identify the same content that has been slightly altered. But if you can create something new, something that nobody else has touched on, or give a subject a different slant, you can have success.

There is nothing wrong with taking an idea that has already been created and going in a different direction with it. In fact, this can give people a different view of the topic. But the important thing is that you include new information and fresh tips and techniques on how to do something. If you can do this, you will sell ebooks that can bring you in a very tasty second (or even main) income.

Once you have ebooks and info products of your own, you can open up a whole new world of internet marketing. These are your ideas you can promote meaning nobody else has touched on them in just the same way. There are not hundreds of other people already approaching the idea in the same way as you are. But eventually there could be hundreds of other people promoting and selling YOUR ebook.

It is a completely different story once you have people promoting and selling ebooks for you because you are getting the credit.

Selling ebooks that are not yours can be difficult because you are selling other people’s ideas. It certainly is not easy coming up with fresh ideas and creating an ebook, but it is far more rewarding and much easier to sell.

So the secret behind selling ebooks is writing your own first. While it can be difficult creating your own ebook, (unless you have a good teacher), it can be even more difficult to sell someone else’s.

Save yourself the trouble and gain more recognition by writing and selling your own ebook.

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