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May 16, 2008

Competitive SEO – Securing an Edge Through Maintaining a Competitive Advantage!

It is no secret that to gain a competitive edge, you need competitive SEO for your business to thrive. How many times have you went to sleep singing praises about securing a new high ranking position only to wake up in the morning to see it vanish into thin air?

The is nothing more disenheartening than this experience (if you rely too heavily on a narrow group of keywords or phrases). To maintain a competitive advantage in the SERPs (search engine result pages) and reach the top unscathed, training and diversity should be part of your SEO regiment.They say that competition to brings out the best in us, as a martial artist for the past 29 years, the analogies between SEO and martial arts have various characteristics in common. Survival in the SERPs and gaining a competitive edge is a full-time responsibility, so if you cannot commit, it is better to find an SEO company that can. SEO and martial arts are like tea, you have to keep them warm.

Fundamentals such as:

  • Knowing your limitations of your technique
  • Having impeccable timing to block and overcome the advances of your opponents (through scaling content or links).
  • and Knowing how to look for the weakness in the armor of the opponent (overconfidence, over-commitment to a weaker of outdated technique or not enough depth to see the bigger picture).

These basic steps will provide security and stability amidst the numerous bouts that will ensue as a result of your competition. The impending fear or rather concern of a knock out (from your position) while you are engaging your opponents teaches you how to move with stealth and how to block the attacks (on your position) from your competitors as you gain relevance and momentum in your niche.

For some competitors, their weakness is stance (site structure) or poor tags, for others, it is relying too heavily on one technique (link building without content or content without relevance). The fact remains, if your pages are in the top 10, then you have a target painted on your back from all of the pages beneath you, who are relentless in their assault to reach the goal (claiming your spot). So you need to stay busy unless you want to start at the back of the line.

It is no secret that search engine optimization is competitive. Some keywords are so competitive in fact, that weeks or months can pass to bring them up steadily in the rankings (either through links, relevance of trust).

Once you do, there is no guarantee that they will stick (unless you continue to monitor and refine your SEO technique). The moral of the story, stay nimble, diversify your methods (since everything leaves a trail) and never give up until you overcome your objective and master the obstacles standing between you and your goal.

Because if you do, you might as well step aside while one of your competitors steps over your position to claim your keywords and your spot as you sit on the sidelines trying to maintain your composure.

Jeffrey Smith is an active internet marketing optimization strategist, consultant and the founder of Seo Design Solutions Seo Company He has actively been involved in internet marketing since 1995 and brings a wealth of collective experiences and fresh marketing strategies to individuals involved in online business.