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June 17, 2008

How to improve sales through your website

Anyone who has been marketing online knows that business is the traffic of a site. More visitors equal more sales. There are some ways that you can tweak your sites with to improve sales without the need to get more visitors.

The first is to put in your personal touch in your sales message. Nobody wants to be sold to by a total stranger, but many people will buy what friends recommend to them. If you can convince your audience that you are a personal friend who has their best interest at heart, they will be convinced to buy your products. Remember to speak to an individual in your sales letter.

Many people entice their prospects with the benefits of their product, sell to them with stories of how it has solved many problems, even offered killer bonuses but forget to ask for the sale. Give a clear instruction on how to buy your product (e.g. “click the button to buy now!”).

Remember to not just work your business, but grow your business too!

Use visual representations for the problems and solutions that your product offers. Not everyone will read your text copy from the head to the tail, but most people will pay attention to images on your website.

Understanding the type of people who visit your site is a very important.What is the age level and what kind of knowledge does your audience have?Design your websites to give your visitors the greatest ease of use, the best impression and most important of all a welcoming experience.It doesn’t matter if you have the greatest product in the world — if your website is poorly done you won’t sell even one copy of it because visitors will be driven off your website by the lousy design. Your website is your online business; it is the virtual representation of your company.

A very major consideration we have to make for users is the loading time of your website. There is nothing worse than a website that will not load or takes forever-your customer will click away so fast you will never see them again.Ensure that your site loads fast if you do not want to lose visitors. Most internet users will leave a website if it doesn’t load completely within 15 seconds.

Offer multiple payment options. Some people feel comfortable paying via Paypal, some may only want to pay with their credit card and others might want to send a check. The more options you offer, the better your chances of completing the sale.

Test each and every link on your site before it goes online. There is nothing more effective in tarnishing your professional image than broken links!Make it easy for visitors to find content that they want on your site.A sitemap literally acts as a map of your site.

Your website is where your business resides. It’s the headquarter of your company. Hence, it is important to practise good design principles to make sure your site reaches out to the maximum number of visitors and sells to as many people as possible.

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