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June 17, 2008

Why PayPal’s Online Shopping Cart Sucks & Will Cost You Sales?

If you’re using PayPal’s online shopping cart to sell products and services on the Internet, you might be leaving money on the table.

That’s because PayPal is only a basic shopping cart that offers basic services. But they aren’t a complete solution to boosting your sales.

Five Things That PayPal Won’t Do That Professional Online Shopping Carts Will Do:

1. Recurring billing.

If you want to sell products or services on a recurring basis, PayPal will not help. PayPal cannot process recurring orders. So, if you are selling a coaching program and billing clients each month, PayPal can’t help. If you are selling vitamins or supplements on a monthly basis, PayPal can’t help. If you are selling anything on a recurring, subscription model, PayPal can’t help. You’d have to enter each order each month by hand. This takes valuable time away from activities that can make you more money.

That’s why I use This professional online shopping cart automatically processes recurring orders each month. So I don’t have enter information each time. It’s done for you each month, correctly!

2. Testing your ads.

PayPal will let you display one page to get your prospects to order a product. That’s okay.

But wouldn’t it be better if you could test another message to see if that new message would get a better response? Marketers call this an A/B split test.

If you have the right professional online shopping cart, you can test different messages, . By constantly testing, you can get better results and make more money!

3. Offering flexible payment options.

PayPal lets you make one offer at one price. That’s fine. But what happens when you offer a high-priced item and people balk at the price? Wouldn’t it be great to offer them a payment plan so they can pay in 2 or 3 installments?

4. Sending out customer service messages.

PayPal will send a message letting buyers know the sale was completed. That’s nice, but wouldn’t it better if you could send a message that offered additional information so people feel bonded to you? Wouldn’t it be great if you could send a series of emails that offered additional products for sale?

Professional online shopping carts like include a marketing and auto-responder system that allows you to repeatedly contact prospects and clients but PayPal does not.

5. Offering additional products for sale.

Wouldn’t it be great if your shopping cart could show additional pages that offered additional products for sale? If you can offer more products for sale, more clients will buy more products so you will make more money. PayPal won’t do this! That’s why you need a professional online shopping cart..

If you invest in a professional shopping cart, you can make more sales, more easily than just by using PayPal alone. Best yet, (my preferred online shopping cart choice) works with existing PayPal accounts so you can get the best of both worlds!

Author: Serial Internet business entrepreneur, Dan Janal has built multiple six-figure income businesses using Now, for the first time ever, he’s revealing the hidden truth behind automating your business, making more money online & enjoying the entrepreneur’s lifestyle. Get his free special report, “How to Choose an Online Shopping Cart” now at: