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June 29, 2008

MRPwebmedia Introduces Web Wise-Guy Cache Closed

Jerry Bader, Senior Partner at MRPwebmedia announced the introduction of Cache Closed an entertaining marketing resource for medium sized businesses fed-up with ineffective Web advertising schemes and the never-ending pursuit of search engine optimization rankings. See

Ontario, Canada–June 20, 2008 – MRPwebmedia, a Canadian Web marketing video and audio production firm with clients in the USA, Australia, England, and Canada announced the introduction of Cache Closed, a entertaining character who stars in a new series of videos designed to inform businesses on how to deliver their marketing messages in the most memorable manner using the full arsenal of webmedia techniques.

Jerry Bader, Senior Partner at the firm says: “Cache Closed is a digital construct, fabricated from the binary remains of lost and discarded knowledge found in the ditch beside the information highway. Cache, a combination of Max Headroom and Jim Cary’s Mask character, has absorbed theses random bits of wisdom to create a Cache Closed Web-Marketing Maven guru of marketing and branding who freely spouts his expertise and knowledge to all who will listen.”

Josh Bader, Director of Visual Design and Video Production, adds: “We already have over fifty articles on our website that explain how to use audio and video on the Web to deliver clients’ marketing messages in the most effective way, but we wanted to create something where the medium was the message. Cache is the perfect vehicle to explain to business owners and marketing executives feed-up with chasing search engine optimization nirvana of how to convert browsers into an audience, and an audience into customers.”

Simon Bader, Director of Audio and Sound Design continues: “Any business truly interested in maximizing their Web presence needs to understand the Web environment beyond chasing random search traffic and learn how to present material so a relevant audience remembers who you are, what you do, and why they should care. And that’s what the Cache Closed website and video series are designed to teach people: How to get noticed and be remembered.”

MRPwebmedia’s thought-provoking marketing articles have a great following and Cache is one more Web-video vehicle that extends the motivational dialog the firm has with its International clients and followers. It illustrates the cutting edge techniques and offbeat point-of-view of a Web-marketing firm that understands how to get a message across, and it showcases the full complement of services that MRPwebmedia offers.

Jerry Bader goes on to say: “People ask us, ‘What do you do?’ You could say we inform, enlighten, innovate, and create; you could also say we deliver our clients’ marketing messages in memorable ways using video, audio, webmedia campaigns and websites; all created in-house from concept to implementation, from graphic and motion design to Web-design, from script writing to post-production, from music composition to signature sound design. What do we do? We motivate action by speaking to our clients’ audience’s real needs. We tell our clients’ stories so their brand and their message embeds in the minds of their clients. In short, we are corporate storytellers, and the Cache Closed videos and associated articles show how it’s done, and why.”

Jerry Bader, Senior Partner, MRPwebmedia
Tel: (905) 764-1246