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June 30, 2008

MySpace – little known twists to generate hordes of highly targeted leads

MySpace is a social media that was established originally for people to interact and socialize with one another. Now, MySpace is partially filled with spammers and half clothed people. Whether one likes that or not is up for debate.

In the online business community the debate is whether or not one should use MySpace for promoting an online business. There is one extreme or the other. Some people believe that one should not promote an online business at all. In fact, they are of the mind frame that MySpace should be a social media and that is it. However, the other side argues that social media is a place where people should be able to share all aspects of their life, including business.

The sad truth is that 99% of people that promote their business on MySpace fail. It is simply because they are going about it the wrong way.

How many times, have you had a friend request, you go to their profile and it is simply an advertisement for a business? I have lost count. I never accept those friend requests, those people are a waste of time. I don’t mind if people have an advertisement for their business on their page, if I can find some value in their friendship or if I can relate in some way.

So here is how you can advertise your business on MySpace and be successful and not come across like a Spammer.

Create a profile that is based on attraction marketing. Upload a picture that is different from everyone else. That way you stand out in the crowd. For example, your picture could be of you holding a globe.

In your headline, put a question that is mind provoking.

Your layout should be professional in nature. Copy the layout code and put in your about me section after you write about yourself.

In your about me section focus on why you are building this MySpace profile and what kind of value it can bring to the reader.

Include a video in your about me section of yourself sharing why your MySpace profile will bring value to your potential friend.

In your about me section, tell your story about how you went from failure to success. Success can be whatever you want it to be. It can be a spiritual, a material, a physical, or any type of success. You just need to come across with a true story that takes you from failure to success. Something that people can relate to.

Include photos of yourself in the about me section, as well. You may also want to include pictures of your family or loved ones.

After you share your story of success, in your about me section, you can put a link to your squeeze page that promotes your home based business. Make sure that your squeeze page has an optin box, so that you can collect your lead’s information. By this time, your reader will have related to you and see you as someone that want to become friends with- you have invoked a semblance of trust because you have opened up yourself to someone.)

Put information in the like to meet section about who you would like to meet and links to what you are offering here.

In the movies, books, tv, general sections – put things that you are interested in – inspiring types of things – keep it professional but about you.

Download the free version of FriendBlaster. Google this and download it. Once you have it downloaded, began to go to the profiles of influential people and get the id’s of their friends and ask them to become your friend by doing an add friend request. Make sure that when you do an add friend request – you also include a note.

You can also do a search on Google through Friendblaster Pro. For example, if you want to do a search for people in MySpace using the keyword travel. You just put it in Friend Blaster Pro and it will do a Google Search for you and bring you up the ids of the people with travel in their MySpace profile. Pretty nifty, tool!

Now, you get the basic idea, repeat this everyday by requesting 50 new friends for your profile. But here is the key, set up at least 10 identical profiles. (MySpace won’t think that you are spamming people and MySpace probably won’t pick up on the fact that you are using a bot. ) Then do at least 50 to 100 friend requests from each profile. Also, remember to set a time delay.

Post comments on other people’s profile. Create a group, a blog, join groups, post comments, etc Go for it – Get movin & shakin – empower yourself/

So now, you get the idea. Pretty soon, you will have several people a day, going to your profile. They will be clicking on your links and going to your main squeeze page. That is how you get hordes of free highly targeted prospects.

Angela Giles is a noted author and publisher of the “Get Mega Leads” Blog. The “Get Mega Leads” Blog teaches entrepreneurs twisted and underground, free and inexpensive ways to generate hordes of traffic to their site.