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July 1, 2008

How To Create A Profitable Network Marketing Blog

Blog traffic is one of the most profitable ways to bring in network marketing leads. Here is a step by step guide on how you or anyone can setup a new blog within minutes.The Free Blog Model:

The best blog platform that you can use for the free blog model is using This model is most suitable for people who are building a home business on a tight budget but is still able to get good blog traffic.

But why blogger and not the free WordPress blog? Because the administrators at WordPress are not happy with people making money with their free sub-domains so the best recommendation is to avoid using the free WordPress model (if you really want to make the best of WordPress, read the paid blog section below and see why).

Just follow the instructions on Blogger and follow their 3 easy steps – Create a Blogger account, name your blog (in other words your blog URL which will be and choose one of their generic templates for your blog.

The Paid Blog Model:

The paid blog model offers several advantages over Blogger counterparts. Namely:

(1)   You have complete control over your content (and hence, your blog traffic)

(2)   Your content is not owned by a third party (you have the danger of having your blogs deleted by the administrators or even a spam filer!)

(3)   You have more customization power over your theme, plugins and widgets.

This step by step guide will teach you how to drive traffic to your WordPress Blogs:

(1)   Make sure you look for one way links early – go and look for other MLM bloggers using Google and Technorati and offer to either promote their products on your blog or request a Blogroll exchange – remember, people tend to reciprocate once they know you have something useful that you can offer.

(2)   Make sure you get some of your blog posts and rewrite them into an article format – this will not only get you traffic and rankings from article directories and Google, but you can also save time on writing an article from scratch.

(3)   Submit your blog to some blog directories. Some blog directories require that you have a few blog posts up before they can approve your site – so make sure you have at least 6 posts posted.

(4)   Make sure you TAG your posts with relevant keywords. These tags are picked up by the search engines and you can easily be found when people are searching for that particular keyword.

(5)   Make sure you write (or outsource) good quality blog posts. You can get a lot of natural traffic through viral marketing when people start talking about your blog posts or if they give you some link love.

(6)   Use link baiting strategies to promote your blog. Encourage others to link to you on your blog posts – but make sure you give them an incentive to do so.

(7)   Write short press releases and submit those to prominent press release sites. Some press release sites get approved very quickly and you might even see links pointing to your sites appearing on Google News.

(8)   Tap into Web 2.0 sites like creating Squidoo Lenses or Hub pages.

Once you’re done, you will be ready to monetize blog traffic and this will work even long after you stop writing content.

Now that your blog is up and running, we will discuss about the best ways to structure your content and how to make money from it.

Firstly, you must drive traffic to your blog. But what are the best ways to drive quick traffic to your blog? Your answer lies in SEO or Search Engine Optimization. (PPC or pay per click is good as well, but you must have a way to track your costs).

Blogs and SEO are inseparable. It is well known that normal websites might take awhile to rank but it is more long term to rank. On the other hand, blog traffic is very easy to rank, but quick to drop. Since we need to make money fast, it is always better to get traffic fast and show some results.

Go to or

Type in a keyword of your choice – it could be any keyword from network marketing lead generation, Xango, Amway, Zrii, Herbalife or even network marketing tips. Look for keywords with a high search count and blog about it!

Make sure you include the keywords in your blog post title and 2-3 in the body text and it will start picking up search engine traffic. Be sure to target long tail keywords as well (long tail keyword examples: driving traffic for network marketing, network marketing for moms… remember that lots of long tail keywords will get you more traffic combined compared to the main page of a blog).

Next, you need to select a blog theme that is quite suitable for your network marketing company. The best way to go about it is to choose a theme color that matches your network marketing company’s main website as much as possible to give it a matching feel that is like your company (gives the readers the feel that it is like an authority site).

You can also get traffic from Google AdWords. Although it is costly, you can get a rough idea how the traffic responds to your offers if you have a landing page or a lead capture page setup on your blog. As long as you get about 200 clicks, you will gauge how the conversion or opt-in rate for your blog is like and you can tweak from there.

Lastly, you need to find a few ways for monetization.

Here are the 3 best ways to monetize:

(1)   Sell your own information product at the front end. You can write a ten page report (or outsource it at that shares information on your network marketing company’s product. Use it as a tool to build relationships or sell it inexpensively ($7 or $10) for cash flow. It also brands you as an authority.

(2)   Promote network marketing affiliate programs such as or

These programs have really good conversions (in other words, a very high chance to close sales for you) and these programs allow you to strengthen your rapport with your prospects.

(3)   Promote your network marketing opportunity or product on the front end as well. With good information sites, you will have targeted visitors. Make sure your company has an affiliate link or page that will allow your customers to easily access the purchase screen.

Blogging is the 21st century way to build your network marketing business. In an age where virtually everyone you meet is a distributor of a network marketing company, you have to learn to differentiate yourself using a personalized medium.

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