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July 28, 2008

5 Squeeze Page Errors You Must Avoid!

The design of your squeeze page is a really critical element of the list building process. The conversion rate of your squeeze page will have a huge effect on how rapidly your list grows.

So it’s really important to optimize your squeeze page in order to collect as many new opt-in subscribers as you can from your traffic.

Therefore you must make sure that you don’t make the following 5 common mistakes that a lot of other marketers do:

1. Only One Opt-In Box On The Page

A lot of marketers only include one opt-in box on their squeeze page. Use two! One under your headline and one at the end of your page. The second box gives your readers a second chance to subscribe! With only one box at the beginning you’ll lose a lot of potential subscribers! The more opportunities to subscribe you offer your visitor, the more chances you have of capturing their details!

2. External Links

Your squeeze page has one purpose, to capture your visitors details. Therefore don’t go including a bunch of links to other pages on your squeeze page, that just gives them the option to leave without subscribing. Minimise any links, to possibly just your home page link at the very bottom of the page.

3. No Fear Or Urgency In The Headline

Your headline needs to make your visitor feel compelled to join your list. Make them feel as though they simply can’t afford to leave your page without signing up for your offer.

Introduce urgency by limiting the offer in terms of subscribers or time available.

You can also introduce fear into your headline, for exampl, “Can You Afford Not To” or “Failing To Read This Could Lose You Millions”. Fear is an uncomfortable feeling for the human mind, including it in your headlines will compel your readers to opt-in to remove the fear.

Other great words to include in your headlines are “Discover”, “Revealed”, “Uncovered” and “Secrets”. All four words induce curiosity in the mind, and the curiosity can only be cured by subscribing!

4. No Privacy Policy or Contact Details

This is an important point not to get wrong. Your conversion rates will be influenced big time by not having a privacy statement and your contact details displayed on your squeeze page. Always include a privacy statement to reassure your visitor that you won’t share their details or spam them, and let them see that you are willing to share your contact details to give them confidence and trust.

5. No Graphic With The Opt-In Box

Don’t include an opt-in box without a graphic above it. The graphic will draw the eyes of the visitor to the opt-in box. It also allows them to visualize what you are offering in return for subscription. Images are more powerful than words. Always use professional looking graphics to impress. If you can, get hold of a graphical opt-in box, you can buy packs of squeeze page templates for less than $10!

And finally, just one more important tip … Test, Test , and Test again! I really suggest that you split test continually, each time changing just one element of the squeeze page and then measure its conversion rate against the unaltered version. Once one of the pages shows a significant improvement, adopt it as the standard and split test it against another variant.

Continually split testing different elements of your squeeze page can lead to significant improvements in your conversion rates.

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