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August 4, 2008

3 Simple Ways To Increase Your Traffic, Responses and Sales

Internet marketing brings the ability to operate your online business at your own pace with no hassle, no boss or deadlines and it is very easy to do with little or no experience – right… WRONG!

This is the belief that most people have or may I say the way they want it to be.

Could it be done that way?

It could be done that way and some people are actually doing it with a little twist to it – this is only happening to selected few while majority find it to be exactly opposite of easy.

The selected few that are getting things done and achieving their internet marketing dreams are the ones that have master the email marketing best practices; the dos, don’t s and how to get things done.

If you’re reading this article and you’re struggling with achieving success online, you need to pay attention here because we’re going back to the basic and looking into the email marketing tips that you might have overlooked because you think the solution to the problem could not just be this simple.

To get started, I need to ask you this simple question; do your lists REALLY make you money?

If not, would you like it to?

If you’re like me, you answer would be YES.

The way to boost online success is to examine your email marketing techniques. Special thanks to tracking technology which provide great drill down tracking tools that allows you to know how many of your e-mail was delivered, open, read and responded to – which is a great way to examine your e-mail marketing performance.

Before we examine how to increase your traffic, I need to let you know the assumption of this article. The tips in this article assume you already have a list, if you don’t have a list or know how to build your list; this article is NOT for you.

Now that we’ve clear the assumption, let examine the ways to increase your traffic, responses and sales.

Way #1 – First thing first – make sure your subscriber is getting your mail. With high email bounce rate, blockers and email filters preventing your mail to get to your subscribers, your email marketing have zero chance of your e-mail making it to the in-box.

The solution to this is to ask your subscribers to include your e-mail address among the email they accept and are willing to receive their information. They need to do this when they subscribe to your list to ensure you can reach them successfully – this may sound so simple, but it is the number one email marketing issue.

Way #2 – Your subject line is extremely important, it is the gate way to your message and in most cases the only thing your subscriber will see. Let say you pass the first stage, your subscriber receive your e-marketing message and they also receive the e-marketing of your competitors.

Remember, you are not the only one seeking your subscriber’s attention. They will scan through their mail and pick the one that interests them. Even though your e-mail get in to their in-box and they are able to see it, the next acid test is for them to click on it – how is your email marketing subject line doing in this department, just a food for thought.

Way #3 – What is your response rate, according to the industry statistics, average is about 3% – I hope your e-marketing is doing better than that. The quality of your content, creativity and presentation has a major role to play in this section.

Make sure you’re realistic in your message and be as genuine as possible – using hype doesn’t get you anywhere, it will only damage the relationship you’re trying to build with your list.

If you’re among the lucky few that are able to get their e-mail into the hands of their subscribers and get them to open it, you don’t want to miss out on convincing them to respond to your call-to-action.

You see, it is only when they visit your site or the site you’re trying to promote that you have any chance of making a sale.

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