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August 15, 2008

How to Pick Article Topics

I’ve already written about why it’s important to write articles, and it seems a lot of you agree because I keep getting emails saying that you want to write articles but don’t know what to write about.

It can be hard to decide what to write about, especially if you are trying to write a lot of content and get it out into the world.

Every industry is different and it is definitely harder to come up with topics in some industries – but if you get creative you can always find something.

Here are some suggestions I’ve given to clients recently:

Lingerie industry:

  • How to care for lingerie so it lasts longer
  • How to feel sexy even if you don’t have the perfect figure
  • How to use lingerie to add romance to a marriage
  • How to pick lingerie
  • Best occasions to make sure you have new lingerie (honeymoon, his birthday, romantic get away, second honeymoon etc)
  • Wear lingerie for yourself – it’s not always about looking sexy for a man, you can wear pretty lingerie under your clothes to feel good about yourself

Pest control industry:

  • The cost of ignoring insect problems (especially termites)
  • What to look for in a pest control company (or how to pick the best pest control company)
  • What should you expect to pay a pest control company
  • Common household pests and what they do – just annoying or do they actually damage your house?
  • Insects and knitwear or clothing – how to protect your items

Tool industry:

  • How to pick the best tools for the job
  • What tools you should always have on hand
  • How to use a …(jackhammer, saw etc)
  • Tool brands – their reputation, your insights and reviews
  • Weekend projects you can do with a hammer (saw, table saw etc)

Those are just some ideas to show you that even if you don’t think your industry is all that interesting to write about, with a little creativity you can come up with topics.

Here are some general tips that apply to any industry.

Lists are popular, so you can always write articles that list important facts. For example:

  • The top 5 things you must know before you buy a…
  • The top 3 things your xxx (doctor, lawyer, florist etc) doesn’t want you know
  • The top 5 most popular … (books, CDs, blade saws, shoes, bras etc)

“How to” articles are also wildly popular. Here are some samples:

  • How to pick the right (plastic surgeon) for you (replace plastic surgeon with whatever is relevant to you: doctor, lawyer, psychic etc)
  • How to pick the best xxx for your xxx (lifestyle, weight, height etc)
  • How to spot a good deal
  • How to avoid the biggest mistake most xxx buyers make
  • How to spot a fraud/fake/dud etc

A couple last tips before I wrap up:

  • You can always set a Google alert to see what people are Blogging about and see what the buzz is in your industry.
  • You can also look at your FAQs (or create them if you don’t have any) and expand your answers into an article whenever it makes sense.
  • Ask your site visitors and customers what their biggest questions are and then create articles responding to their questions.
  • Write an article that teaches people how to use what you sell. Teaching people to consume your products is important.
  • Share your experience or opinions.
  • Take a newsworthy item and write your take on the situation.

I don’t believe there is any industry out there that you can’t come up with great article topics for. So, put on your creative hat and start brainstorming – and then get writing!

Jennifer Horowitz is the Director of Marketing for Since 1998 Jennifer’s expertise in marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has helped clients increase revenue. Jennifer has written a downloadable book on SEO and has been published in many SEO and marketing publications. Jennifer is the editor of the popular Spotlight on Success: SEO and Marketing newsletter. Follow Jennifer and stay current on SEO, marketing, social media and more.