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August 21, 2008

Promo Dashboard Review – List Building That Converts

List building is one of the most important elements of online marketing. Often it will determine the success or failure of your site or online business. Now there’s a handy product from well-known Internet Marketer Marlon Sanders which will help you build your list: Promo Dashboard.

Since list building is one of my favorite subjects Marlon Sanders’ Promo Dashboard held special interest for me. I am always eager to learn new ways to improve my list building methods and techniques. This product does not disappoint.

Promo Dashboard is a very detailed “point & click” solution to all your list building tasks. Easy to use and simple to implement – Marlon has gone out of his way to make list building something even the most novice marketer or webmaster can accomplish. Unlike many list building products, courses, ebooks, etc., there is no fluff or filler, just straight practical steps that take you from A to Z.

Promo Dashboard in a nutshell is all about building your list and converting your subscribers into buyers. It takes you Step-by-Step thru everything you need to do to build your opt-in list or lists and to get those prospects to check-out or buy your product.

But this is not just about building your list; it is also about promoting your products and business. This is direct, no-nonsense marketing advice on how to find your targeted audience, how to get these interested customers onto your list and how to convert these people into buyers. You get an online interface or site where you click on the icons on the DashBoard to get all the information you need to accomplish each task.

Marlon gives you an “audio overview” of the six Major Steps you need to do:

  • targeting your market
  • creating your offer
  • building your squeeze page
  • setting up your autoresponder
  • promoting your offer
  • turbo charging with Web 2.0

All these major steps are further divided into 6 sub-topics or things you need to do to “turbo charge” your promotions.

If all this sounds complicated, it isn’t.

Marlon always does a great job of breaking all these marketing steps and processes down into easy tasks even the beginning marketer can accomplish without too much sweat.

This is the main reason I like Promo Dashboard – it takes a rather complicated marketing process such as list building and breaks it down into simple steps anyone can do. That is also why I like all of Marlon Sanders’ Dashboard products which include Marketing Dashboard, Info-product Dashboard and Design Dashboard.

These Dashboards are practical “Point & Click” guides that break down rather complex marketing processes into simple, easy tasks anyone can do regardless of your own marketing background or experience. Besides, these products come from one of the legends of Internet Marketing… Marlon Sanders is a solid marketer who produces solid products that work.

Having done extensive work on list building myself, (I offer an online course and list building is one of my targeted keywords in Google – just check it!) I thought I knew everything about list building. However, PromoDashboard opened my eyes to many areas where I can fine-tune and improve my methods. It also offers excellent resources which I never thought of using before now… this is worth the price alone for me.

If you want a product that will give you ways to increase and improve your list or prospect building abilities, I would strongly recommend you consider Promo Dashboard. It is a simple “point & click” solution to all your list building problems. Moreover, it is a simple way for anyone to promote their site, business or products. Promo Dashboard delivers the goods and then some.

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