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August 25, 2008

Educational Marketing – It’s About Information, Not Products

Always use educational marketing. Never push your product or your opportunity. This applies to Network Marketing or Internet Marketing.

Give out information – not any old information but quality information. The sort of information that you believe customers should pay for. Give out real information that your customers can actually use without buying your product or joining your business.

The key to building a customer base, or list as we call it in the internet marketing industry, is to attract people to YOU. Not to your product or opportunity.

You need to position yourself as a leader – show that you know what you are doing.

If you have a network marketing business teach people how to build that type of business BEFORE they actually join up. This is much more than just telling them. It means actually showing them.

Remember that people are looking for a SOLUTION not a product or an opportunity. You may well have the opportunity that will supply that solution. But people need to know that they will have a reasonable chance of being successful.

They are hungry for information. By giving them no hype business building advice you are showing them how to be successful.

You will also use educational marketing to eliminate fear. Most people are afraid to commit in case they get scammed. By educating them you fulfil their hunger for information and gain their trust.

And this information indirectly sells your business. As you give out quality information on how to build a home based business you create the need for it.

In a way your business opportunity becomes an add-on sale which is an easier sale.

Here’s the thing. By using educational marketing you position yourself as an expert. Experts attract business and people to them – they don’t chase after people.

You will probably have heard of Paul Zane Pilzer and Robert Kiyosaki. People will flock to buy anything that they endorse.

Both Pilzer and Kiyosaki have endorsed Network Marketing as the growth business for the 21st century with Pilzer predicting the industry will produce 10 million millionaires over the next ten years.

Article writing is an obvious example of educational marketing. In your articles you should follow the concepts set out here.

So many article writers don’t. I publish an article directory on my site and many of the articles I receive are almost shameless sales pitches.

I read everyone of those articles – currently over 2 thousand. I am prepared to spend the time to do that. But not everyone has got that much time.

Time is the most valuable resource on the planet. It is finite. Once gone you can’t get it back (well not us mere mortals).

You can guarantee that your prospect is stressed and busy. Their time is valuable. Respect that.

Your educational marketing message needs to offer real value. The type of value which answers the question in your prospect’s mind:

“Is this a waste of my time?”

Every day people are bombarded with thousands of advertising messages and they don’t have the time to read and/or listen to everyone of them.

You must give real information that solves real problems and provides real education. There is absolutely no value in the Old Sales Pitch.

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