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August 28, 2008

A Quick Guide To Help You Social Bookmark Your Blog Posts

Those that are currently using social bookmarking certainly understand the great benefits that it can bring if done correctly. Social bookmarking though is quite an enigma to beginners. Many new bloggers have heard the term social bookmarking but are not quite sure what it is or what it involves.

Let me first start by explaining what social bookmarking is and why it is important to social bookmark all of your blog posts. Quite simply stated, social bookmarking will bring your blog more traffic. As internet marketers, that it exactly what we are all after. Social bookmark sites allow us to share our favorite sites with others who might be interested as well as increasing our back links at the same time.

Every time you bookmark a post, that link has the potential to bring a good amount of traffic to your blog. As you begin to regularly submit your link to authority social bookmarking sites, like Digg, Twitter, and Stumbleupon, your blog will benefit greatly by moving up rank rapidly in the search engines for your selected keywords.

Now just a quick tutorial on how to easily social bookmark your blog posts.

First, what you need to do is find a list of some social bookmark sites. There are plenty around, just do a Google search or go to

Now you have to take the time to enroll at each site. This process may take up to an hour but keep in mind that you are only going to have to go through this process one time.

Once you have enrolled in all 40 or so social sites it’s time to submit your first blog post. The easiest way to do this is to type out your blog posts url, title, description, and tags in a separate window, preferably in Notepad, Article Notepad, or Wordpad. Any of the above will work.

Once you have the info typed out, go ahead and cascade the notepad and your browser so that they are side by side on your monitor. (If you are using SocialMarker you won’t have to use this method.)

Make sure the list of social sites is up and open on your browser, then right click and open the first ten or so sites in a new tab. If your computer is fast enough you can go ahead and open all the sites. If not, just open as much as your computer will allow.

Now all you have to do is click and drag the required info when submitting your blog post.

When you are done submitting all the necessary info with one, close it and move on to the next.

That’s it! That’s all that is involved with social bookmarking. A simple little task like this may take an hour a day but will greatly increase the amount of traffic you receive to your blog.

Keep in mind though that some social sites will penalize you for submitting too many of your own blog posts. Try to form a network of peers and take turns submitting each others blog posts to reduce this risk.

Whatever you do, do not under estimate the power of social bookmarking. Try to make it a point to submit one blog post a day. Doing so will really make a huge difference in the traffic you’re going to see as a result.

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