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When the Fun Stops – Or You Reach the End of Your List!

Everyone in the marketing field is faced with this daunting task of reaching everyone on the planet simultaneously, on a daily basis. Lets say we have a brand new product, extremely viral, unique, and most importantly never before seen. A whole new dilemma stares you in the face as you need massive amounts of people viewing your offer before “the cat is out of the bag,” in order for you to maximize your profit.

Realize that what we are asking for is the exact same thing every single internet marketer, every single guru, every single business, is trying to achieve? That is to reach mass amounts of people, all at the same time.

  • The short answer is to be able to email everybody. How about everyone on a list who’s seeking make money opportunities, diet and health products, or a specialty service. If you can swing interest with some who’s got a list, fine, otherwise there’s the usual like blogging or article posting.
  • Write such an interesting article that everyone wants to publish it, that’s quite fast if you can do it.
  • Publish a press release that is so interesting everyone wants to publish it.
  • Do a deal with someone with a long list.
  • Use advertising offline like craigslist, or online like USfreeads.
  • Get your site really search engine optimized, then publish an article to as many article sites as possible. When Google reads them, and they will often, Google will also index your site through the link on the article, and then seo takes over.

All of the above take time, but we are all trying to get our message out to everyone that we can. Using these tactics are beneficial and just a great common practice.

The so called “Guru’s” get it out quickly because they have a boat load of affiliates who do it for them and they have a huge list of people to send it to. It’s much easier to have a “New Launch” when you have built a reputation and have a large following.

A solution for the common marketer

For the common marketer, a really great way is to rent a list of names, or buy a list of names that has been collected on opt-in subscribes actively searching for your product or offer. That involves using a list someone else owns and marketing to them. There’s usually a fee and the bigger the list the bigger the fee. Let’s focus on this technique.

I’ve seen many quality lists on specific niches well into the 100,000’s and very reasonably priced. Many will even offer the free emailing software compatible with their list formats. Finding the lists are relatively easy. Search engine dietary affiliate program seekers or MLM opportunity seekers, and you will find huge lists. Just make sure your mailings are CAN – SPAM compliant when marketing this way and the possibilities are endless. A helpful tip is to add the name, email address, IP address, and the date they filled out their opt-in subscription to the bottom of your mailings also. If you get a good quality list, you can expect it to contain all of that information. A quality emailing software will also let you utilize that information seamlessly.

My suggestion is to go after the huge lists. If you have a good product and can offer something of worth to them, they will respond appropriately.

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