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September 1, 2008

Ask Google’s Webmaster Help Group

Google staff get a LOT of email, particularly from angry searchers and webmasters.

As the world’s most popular search engine, they are bombarded with questions and problems at a rate that is difficult to even imagine. If you’ve ever been frustrated with the results from a particular search query, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

But did you know that Google have an interactive Help Group moderated by Google staff and knowledgeable volunteers, designed specifically to help searchers, answer questions and address your frustrations? It’s true.

The Google Webmaster Help Group is promoted as:

“…a comfortable and useful meeting place for English-speaking site owners to ask questions and share information with each other and participating Google employees (“Googlers”)… We’re regularly reading posts, spotting trends, internally noting issues of concern, and then sharing this important information with key colleagues around the world to help make Google Search better for everyone.”

Awwww, ain’t that sweet? Maybe they should address world peace and global warming while they’re at it. But seriously, there is some rock solid information in the Help Group about everything from advanced search techniques to Google Maps, Webmaster Tools, Blogger, spam and the almighty algorithm. If you have a question remotely related to a Google product or service, chances are it’s been answered in this Group.

Webmaster Help comes in 15 languages apart from English, is open to anyone to join and you can begin posting immediately. BUT – if you want an answer to your questions, make sure you read their Charter and Tips before posting.