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September 5, 2008

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Article Marketing

Running a business can be difficult sometimes. Regardless of whether you have an internet business or not, there are certain things that can help you in your quest for success. Everyone knows that in order to succeed in any business you will have to do some form of advertising. If no one knows you exist, they probably will not buy from you. One of the most overlooked forms of advertising available is article marketing. Let us look at five reasons why you need to use article marketing in your business.

1. Using articles to market your business will not cost you a dime. Let me rephrase that for emphasis…it is free! Try running an ad in the newspaper or putting up a billboard you will have to dig very deep in your pocket and of course the majority of small business owners do not have that big advertising budget, most of them operate on a shoe string budget. However, with article marketing, the only thing it costs you is some time to write the articles. If you can not afford time, then you probably can not afford traditional advertising either.

2. With articles you are creating brand awareness. Branding your business is critical to its success. It takes on average, seven exposures to your product before someone will buy it. This means that with traditional advertising you might have to run seven ads in the newspaper before someone buys anything from you. This can get costly and frustrating. With article marketing, you are giving something of value away for free. This concept of reciprocity is a great way to get in the door with your prospective customers. They will know your brand and what your business has to offer.

3. Using article as your marketing strategy quickly turns you into an expert in your field. When you write articles, write about the topics that you know the best. This passion will come through in your writing and people will learn to trust you. If you write several articles about your specific topic, it will not be long before people are coming to you for answers. When this happens, people will start feeling comfortable dealing with you and will start to trust you and your business which will in return make them feel comfortable buying your products or services.

4. Marketing with articles will teach you how to communicate more effectively. You will learn how to relate to others and the results will be positive. If you spend any amount of time writing, you will learn that you have to be a good communicator to get your point across. When you write, it gives you time to think about what you want to say. Unlike other forms of communication, you can edit what you want to say and think about the best way to say it. This makes article marketing the premier way to learn how to get your message across.

5. Article marketing creates more links to your website. If you know anything about the internet, you already know why more backlinks to your website would be a good thing. Every time you write an article, you are going to have a resource box at the bottom that tells about you and has a link to your website. When someone publishes your article, it is going to have the link to your website attached. This means that links to your website will be going all over the internet. This will give more people the opportunity to find your site as well as increasing your standing in the search engines. Search engines love links especially one way links which article marketing offers. The search engines will start looking at your website as an authority site, a useful resource and will reward you with a higher ranking.

Article marketing is a great way to market your products or services. If you have not started using articles as your marketing strategy, then now is the right time. It will not make you rich overnight, but with persistence you can really start to see some good results.

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