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September 10, 2008

Are You A Dreaded Yo-yo Marketer?

When I was a kid, one of my favorite toys was a yo-yo – a spinning disc on a string that could be set in suspended motion with the flick of a wrist, and then reeled back in with a twitch of the hand.

Playing with a yo-yo was lots of fun, and my childish imagination never caused me to wonder what it might feel like to “be a yo-yo.”

Today, as I watch Internet marketers offering their customers product after product, I understand what it must feel like being a yo-yo, and I personally would HATE the feeling.

I hope that you’re not a yo-yo marketer.

A yo-yo marketer is very skilled at, with just a simple email, sending his subscribers off spinning in a desired direction. He does this by telling them how and why a “product of the day” will make their lives “perfect.”

A seasoned yo-yo marketer has also mastered that art of copywriting (and subliminal suggestion), so his messages are very enticing, and if he tells his list about products that can really help them, then he IS doing them a service.

The problem come in the fact that a yo-yo marketer sends the same customers/subscribers spinning off in many different directions. Before they can complete one course of action, he reels them back in with the flick of a wrist. Then he skillfully sends them off spinning in an entirely different direction.
The yo-yo marketer is often the affiliate marketer referred to as “a super affiliate” because he flings that yo-yo so skillfully that he does sell a lot of products.

The problem, again, is that he sells lots of different products to the SAME customers, and he sells them product after product before they can really get much use out of any of them.

What causes a person to evolve into a yo-yo marketer in the first place? Surely it’s not evil intent.
Many people morph into yo-yo marketers purely for survival purposes. They sell products that are one-time sales, and so they constantly have to find new products to sell.

The yo-yo marketer’s dilemma is that if he sells you something that actually works, and then stops trying to sell you something else long enough to allow you to fully USE what he JUST sold you, he is forced to either find lots of NEW customers or starve.

If you are a dreaded yo-yo marketer, your conscience should cause you to examine what you’re doing. It will also cause all but the worst of psychopaths to start actually putting their customers’ best interests first.

How do you do that without putting yourself out of business?

You offer your customers consumable services that they actually need to grow their businesses.

You offer your customers consumable products and services that they already know that they absolutely must have in order to stay in business.

Here are two quick examples:

1) A hosted shoppingcart system. If your customers sell multiple-products from the same or even different websites, then they will eventually need a shoppingcart system, and they will need this system for as long as they’re in business. That’s why you’ll see savvy marketers offer systems like
A customer builds his online store, his affiliate program, his ad tracking, his autoresponders, and his mailing list management around that system. Once he has decided on a shoppingcart solution, he will continue to use it for YEARS.

If you are the person who pointed him to that shoppingcart solution, you’ll earn commissions on that sale for years. As you’re earning commissions, you’ll also be helping rather than hampering your customers, since you won’t be “yo-yoing” them.

2) A video submission service, an article submission service, a press release submission service – or how about an all-in-one submission service that allows your customers to submit articles, press releases, videos, and podcasts… all from one automated intuitive software.
Your customers already know that they need to be using these media outlets to drive traffic, subscribers, and sales. They also know that it’s impossible to manually submit to enough different places to achieve any noteworthy results.

By showing your customer an automated submission service like you honestly provide them with a needed service (rather than side-tracking them as most Internet marketing product launches do) and you earn a nice residual income.

With both of the services mentioned above, your customers will stay for a very long time because the products deliver RESULTS, and they can see how these products contribute directly to their businesses’ growth.

Actually, if you are serving webmasters and online businesses, they will need BOTH of the above services. That means that you can easily set up the “famed” multiple-streams-of-income.

If you wanted to add a third income stream, you’d perhaps point them to the best coaching/mentoring available. For many of your clients, that would equate to a membership in The Internet Marketing Inner Circle. Since a TIMIC membership also offers a residual income, you would have set yourself up for a THIRD residual income stream while honestly looking out for your customers’ best interests.
TIMIC is at: http://TIMIC.ORG

You do NOT have to be a yo-yo marketer unless you just choose to be. The beauty of not being a yo-yo marketer, and offering your customers product like the ones above, is that you “need” fewer subscribers and customers.

You are no longer forced to constantly try to get more and more subscribers since you are not killing off the ones that you have… as yo-yo marketers often do.

By now, you see the insanity of being a yo-yo marketer. If you have been doing yo-yo marketing, you also probably feel slight pangs of guilt. You don’t need to feel guilty, because you didn’t know better previously. Now you just need to stop being a yo-yo marketer.

Willie Crawford has been marketing goods and services over the internet for 12 years. During that time, he has written over 1100 articles. Recently he has added multi-media and more press release to his marketing mix, with very impressive results. Willie uses and highly recommends Easy Pushbutton Traffic at: