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September 11, 2008

TOP Blogging Services For The Beginner Blogger

The biggest challenge the newbie blogger faces when deciding to start a blog is which blogging service to start with.

I know this for a fact when I first started out with blogging. It seemed new blogging services were popping out of everywhere leaving me very fustrated as to which one I should use.

I did my research as to which ones were the most popular among the online communities on the internet and came up with this list.

This will save you the fustration I went through when deciding which blogging service to go with and don’t worry the list isn’t HUGE!

These are the most popular blogging services used by hobbie bloggers and business professionals.

So with that said, here’s the list of the BEST blogging services newbie bloggers should get started with:

1) Blogger –

2) Type Pad –

3) Word Press –

4) Moveable Type –

5) Live Journal –

6) MSN Spaces –

See I told you the list wasn’t going to be HUGE.

You will find if you decide to do your own research on blogging services that these are the most recommended and used by bloggers world wide.

Now, my recommendation to you for a blogging service to get started with are either and

These two blogging services are the most used blogging services on the web today by hobbiests and business professionals.

The difference between the two is is a web based blogging service and requires no domain name or hosting service where as WordPress though it offers a web based service like it’s stand alone content management system software gives you full control at all times. Choosing this route means you’ll need to purchase a domain name and hosting service.

I personally use WordPresses stand alone CMS because of it’s many capabilities and multi-uses. I won’t get into WordPress here because that’s a book within itself.

The question you need to ask yourself before choosing which blogging service to go with is… “which is going to offer me the most for the purposes of my blog?”.

All these services above have there own unique CMS systems, Themes and Plugins to make your blogging experience as easy as possible.

My suggestion is for you to visit each of the listed blogging services above, read what they have to offer and then choose the most qualified blogging service.

The list is small so put some time aside and really go through them throughly because you don’t want to go through all the trouble of setting your blog up and then decide that the blogging service you chose was the wrong one.

I’ve been there and it’s a pain in the butt to have to start all over again with a different blogging service.

After that it’s up to you on what you wish to publish on it and how you choose to monetize your blog.

I hope this article helped and the best of luck with your blog.

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