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September 15, 2008

Need More Prospects For Your Business? Try This Social Method

Anyone who claims to surf the net all the time but do not know what social networking is all about is probably living in a cave somewhere. The Internet has completely changed how network marketing is done and you will need to learn to adapt to the latest trends before your prospecting methods become obsolete.

If you seriously desire to build a huge network marketing downline, there is no reason why you should not harness the power of Facebook for your network marketing business because Facebook is ranked as one of the most visited sites on the planet!

Here are a couple of benefits for using Facebook:

  • You get the pleasure of adding your targeted friends (and prospects) to your profile. The people you add might reciprocate because Facebook sends an email notifying that you’ve added them to your list of friends. However, don’t just add any friends… always target friends in a network marketing group, home business group, networking group and so on. These people are your target market and you should add these people into your sales funnel.
  • You can also create your own Facebook group and invite your new friends to join. You can call that group an ‘Network Marketing Millionaire’ or ‘Online MLM’ group to get like minded people to participate. You can use this group that I created as an example: <a href=”” target=”_blank”></b>Internet Network Marketing</b></a>
  • Besides just creating a group, it will be to your advantage if you create a weekly plan and post useful content to your group. You can contribute stuff like articles, blog posts and even videos! You aim is to product value so that they will sign up for your own network marketing newsletter online,
  • Send email blasts or broadcasts to your network marketing group and make sure you give them quality content so that they will trust you and treat you as their leader. Once you have developed sufficient trust and respect from your group, you may safely recommend your business opportunity to them. Do it well and they may even beg you to sign them up without you selling them anything at all!
  • You can also broadcast your content on your friend’s Funwall every few days or weekly.
  • Help people, don’t ask for help immediately. When people see you as a person who is willing to go out of their way to help others, they will believe in you and take your recommendations seriously.

Facebook is definitely the way to keep in touch with your prospects and you can drive tons of traffic to your website even when people locate your site through your personal profile page.

Beside Facebook, another one of my favourite social networking site is MySpace.

MySpace offers an interactive environment facilitating a completely user-generated network of friends, personal profiles and links to blogs, groups, photos, music and videos – the perfect ground for a network marketing business!

Gone are the days of cold calling telephone books and genealogy lists. By harnessing the power of MySpace, you can drive lots of targeted traffic to your lead capture pages and build your network marketing downline very quickly.

Here are a couple of tips that you can use to drive traffic using MySpace:

  • Your profile is your greatest weapon. You must create a profile that completely stands out. Don’t hard sell others but rather offer value and covey to prospects from your profile that you are a leader… someone that is important.
  • Use MySpace to add as many friends as you can to your profile. You can never have too little friends. Another advantage of adding many friends is that people who view your profile will be able to perceive you as a very popular person (because you have lots of friends).
  • Create your own group in MySpace. You can use it to start a network marketing community on the Internet. Network marketing is all about interacting with others and if you can use this strategy well, you can connect with people from all walks of life (you might not even meet these people through conventional means).
  • Invite targeted friends – especially those who are interested in network marketing! You want to create a targeted group of friends within your network. But make sure you don’t jump the gun and offer your business opportunity to them right away. Make sure you build the relationship first.
  • Post useful content to your network marketing group. Make sure you provide value to others and they will respect you as an authority on network marketing.
  • You can also encourage your group members to join in the fun and contribute content. That way, your network marketing community learns to interact with one another and you don’t have to post so much content.
  • Join other people’s groups and make friends with them
  • Learn to use bulletin boards. When you have new content or products recommend, you can blast out the messages to the bulletin and your friends and group members will be able to view them.
  • Always stay consistent and persistent. Building a network takes time and you cannot expect to get results overnight.

Both Facebook and MySpace are one of the best places to network and build your network marketing business. Learn to make friends and build a community and you will drive lots of traffic to your network marketing sites.

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