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September 16, 2008

How to Destroy Your eBay Business

Don’t be fooled. What you are about to discover could prevent your eBay business from failing. Reputation is everything when selling on ebay and when tarnished with the wrong type you will forever struggle to regain buyer’s confidence. Be very aware of the following and by ensuring you are never guilty of any of these, you have every chance for eBay success.

Untruths: If it does not work, don’t sell it. Don’t say it’s in perfect condition when it has a defect of any lind. Honesty will be rewarded.

Your auctions end anytime: If your auction ends say during the middle of the night, how many potential bidders do you think will be around to create that bidding frenzy? How many will be around to ensure that they are the winner?. Ensure your eBay auction finishes at a “profitable” time.

Why would you ever sell rubbish?: If you would not be prepared to sell it elsewhere else, don’t expect a rush of bidders just because it is eBay. If you think that you can make good money selling anything that you can pick up then think again. eBay buyers are just as discerning as any other buyers. And they won’t buy rubbish either!

Never give discounts: Ever considered that a special deal might just seal a sale to a very happy and grateful customer that will make them return to your site to buy again. eBay is still like the real world, discounts and special deals are always good incentives to make sales. Don’t ignore their power.

Unattractive listings: The easiest way to make a potential bidder click the back button is to have your listing full of noise, clutter, colour, capital letters, wrong font. You get the answer. Just because it is eBay, does not mean you can be bold and brash with your listing. What listings are professional and successful? Look at them and copy their ideas.

Photos. Who needs them?: You do! Never, I repeat, never make an auction listing without the benefit of a photo of the item. All eBay Power Sellers use photos, so make sure you do to. As a customer, you will want to see the item that you are buying, so have the same atitude as a seller. And the more photos the better. Leave no question unanswered by the use of photos.

Only use a short description: Never think that a two line quick description shall do.The more information that you give the potential bidders, the more inclinded they will be to place a bid. eBay is all about giving as much information as possible so an informed decision can be made by the person as to whether they wish to bid or not. Never let a potential bidder click off because they did not have enough information on which to make a decision.

Ignore emails: A potential bidder may want to ask you a specific question about the item. This person could be the winning bidder, they may start what could turn into a bidding frenzy. You don’t know, so don’t restrict your opportunities by giving poor service by ignoring emails. If the customer does not receive a reply from you, how likely is is that they will bid?

Posting at your leisure: An ebay customer will remember, they will post bad feedback and your reputation will suffer, all because your mailing of the itemjwas not efficiently dispatched. A last point, don’t overcharge on the posting. There is fair post charges and there is blatant money making postage charges. Don’t antagonise the customer, here is someone that is liable to buy from you again so treat them well and that will be rewarded.

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