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September 17, 2008

Hate Squeeze Pages? A PDF Popup Is More Polite

I’ve actually created about 2 dozen ebooks that use this strategy, and I offer them in numerous niches.

The way my gentler system works is that after they’ve read my free ebook, when they close it they get a popup requesting that they join my list.

The popup contains my standard subscribe form that feeds right into my autoresponders. A very large number of people fill in these forms and join my lists everyday.

Since they voluntarily joined my list, instead of being squeezed into doing it, we start the relationship off on friendlier terms, and provided I deliver quality information, they stay longer.

You can see a video demonstration of how I set my PDF’s up at:
I still have squeeze pages on many sites, but as I watch the results from this process, I’m beginning to see that it’s a much more productive approach.

It respects the future subscriber more.

It doesn’t force people on your list who don’t want to be there and can’t wait to get off of it.

You don’t get your database polluted with fake email addresses, or email addresses that are never checked.
Think about it. If you hate being “squeezed” should you really be doing it to your new clients?

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