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September 22, 2008

The Top 3 Things You Need To Do Make Article Internet Marketing Profitable for You

Article Internet marketing is an effective and profitable way to promote your product or service when it is done properly. There are many different driving purposes to writing articles, and they produce different results, so it is important to understand what the purpose and end result is for you and develop your article writing strategy accordingly. To write articles whose purpose is to promote your product or service, you need to make sure you have some specific things in your marketing strategy.

1) Write articles on topics that are of interest to your target market so you can position yourself as an expert

The whole purpose of writing articles is to get people to read them so they will be interested in your product or service. If you write on subjects your target market has no interest in, your articles won’t be read. If they don’t read them, they can’t see you as someone that is competent in the niche you are writing about. If they don’t see you as an expert in your niche, they won’t be as likely to do business with you. So your articles need to be read by the visitors who come across your articles, wherever they are.

The best way to write articles that will position you as an expert is to answer questions that are common to people who are in that niche, or solve a common problem. If you want to make the most bang for the buck, write an article that answers a common question to get more eyes on your article and also write an article that answers an advanced question in that niche to get some expertise points under your belt. You can even refer people that are reading the article that answers the common question to read the article that answers the advanced question to maximize your results on this strategy.

2) Write a compelling resource box

Article marketing only makes sense because you are getting readers who are reading your article to go to your website when they are done. If people are not going to your web site after they read your article, then it doesn’t really matter how many people are reading your article, you are not going to be able to monetize your article writing efforts. So the importance of writing a powerful resource box is becomes very apparent. Your resource box is your ticket to getting the people to your website. It should be a powerful call to action that tells people more solutions to their problems, or more answers to their questions can be found on your website. The website you are sending them to should be a supplementary source that supports your article, so if it makes sense to send them to a specific page on your web site, than the home page, then send them to an inner page. Don’t make the mistake of adding totally unrelated sites to your resource box just because you may be able to get some link juice because that will certainly detract from the quality of the article as well as not give you as much link juice as you may thing you are getting.

3) Write enough articles to provide the traffic and exposure

You should plan to write at least 50 articles in your target niche. Any less than that and you are short-changing yourself. Article marketing is a process that builds upon itself and you really need to create a watershed articles before you begin to see steady traffic to your website from your article writing efforts. Many people make the mistake of only writing and submitting a few articles, but then end up realizing that they aren’t getting great results. By writing a minimum of 50 articles, you build up your status as an author to the different article directories and your articles begin to build on each other as more and more people will see them and begin to use them on their web sites and in their newsletters. Writing a minimum of 50 articles will allow you to showcase your talents and knowledge on the subtle topics of your niche, as well as allow you to promote multiple products and services.

Article marketing is a powerful way to drive traffic to your website when it is done right. There are many eBooks out there and services that lead you step by step on how to fully maximize the profits you can make on your article marketing efforts. The next step should be to know how to fully monetize your articles so you can plan a powerful and long term strategy of benefiting from your article marketing efforts.

Article marketing can be a very profitable marketing strategy when you know what to do. Learn about these resources that will help you to monetize your articles and earn long-term residual revenue Article Products and Service Reviews Learn all about web content and writing articles