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September 24, 2008

Get Paid To Socialize On Facebook

If you are like most people that spend time on the Internet you have discovered the Web 2.0 Revolution. The real attraction to these sites is the fact that it provides the members a sense of community. It seems that new social networking sites are popping up daily. My Space and Facebook have taken the Internet by storm.

Amazingly these communities are free to join, but each does have its own set of terms and conditions. Many casual Internet users enjoy places like Facebook as a way to keep in touch with friends and relatives. Business owners have found that social networking offers an opportunity to share and learn from others.

Facebook has an enormous community and it is said to double in size about every six months. As of February 2008 Facebook claimed a membership of over 75 million users. A nice feature of this community is that there are networks and groups within the membership.

This allows a member to be in contact with other people that have similar interests. Although the majority of users of Facebook fall in the eighteen to thirty-five year age range, you will find members there of all ages. But an important note is that the 18 – 35 year olds are the perfect audience to market to.

So now we can talk about the advantages Facebook provides to business owners. As mentioned earlier, this is a great way to get to know others with like interests, thus providing a place to share and learn from each other. But Facebook has provided much more than that to business owners.

Strangely few people know how to use the many features available to them to the maximum potential. It really is possible to substantially increase your income while having fun on Facebook. But you have to learn about the features and set your profile and settings up appropriately to enjoy these benefits.

Details of how to do this is beyond the scope of this article but a suggestion is thinking carefully and having a plan before you begin setting up your profile. You really need to know what you want to accomplish with your membership.

Your profile allows others to read and see what you are all about. So if you simply tell the viewers that you are a wife and mother you will not necessarily be seen as a business person. And if you say that you are into horseback riding and that you have a range you are likely to be seen as a horse-lover and be contacted by people with similar interests.

But if your goal is to make money with Facebook you will want to include information that will assist in the endeavor. Facebook provides many features that can be useful to business owners and others. Joining networks and groups will enable you to find other people with similar interests. You can also learn about particular demographics of a group or network. Obviously Facebook can be used to advance the growth of a business and to actually generate money. But there are particular methods that a member should use if he is to receive maximum advantages from this social networking community.

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