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Monster Video Sharing Site List and How to Use it

Let’s say you have made your first “great” video. You have critiqued it, massaged it and perfected it. You feel good about it. Now what?

If you want to increase traffic to your website, create backlinks to your site.

Backlinks are one-way links pointing to your site from other sites. The search engines put a great deal of importance on these. In a sense, backlinks say to the world, your website is a trusted, worthwhile site because all these other sites point to it.

You will want to post the video to several video sharing sites, to magnify the video’s effect. Each time someone watches your video, you get another linkback ping . . . wow! Be sure you use your keywords in the description of the video. Also, start your description with your full URL, including the http: etc. This will help people find your video.

Make sure that you look at several videos on each site so that you can determine whether your video will fit on their site. For example, if your video is about “Eating Healthfully”, don’t expect to place it on a site dedicated to news. If your video is not a How-to type, for example, it won’t be accepted by Do not post to a video sharing site that is too diverse from what your video is about. Who on that site will watch it?

Fill in the profile information portion of the video sharing site that tells about you, shows your picture, your likes and dislikes, favorite books and hobbies. This information makes you a real person. If people like your video, they will look at your profile. Potentially, they will be in line with you in some way and perhaps want to create a sharing relationship, or other mutually beneficial link to you.

Don’t forget to post to your video to the social networking sites like, Mixx, Propeller, Reddit and others. Some won’t let you put your video on their site, but you can still put your article on their site. Your article is a summary of what the video is about. Your article will point them to your video which is hosted on your site.

This technique needs a little more explaining:

  1. Post your video on your blog
  2. Write an article, to accompany your video, using the appropriate keywords that describe your video. (Remember, the search engines, at this time, cannot look at your video to see what it is about . . . you will have to tell them in your article.)
  3. Post your article on the social networking sites, mentioning the video.
  4. Point them to your article and video which resides on your website.

Video Sharing Site List & Page Rank:

  • Google Video 9
  • Blip 8
  • BrightCove 8
  • MotionBox 8
  • PhotoBucket 8
  • Yahoo Video 8
  • YouTube 8
  • UncutVideo(AOL) 7
  • DailyMotion 7
  • Esnips 7
  • iFilm 7
  • MetaCafe 7
  • Myspace 7
  • Revver 7
  • Vimeo 7
  • HowCast 6
  • Crackle 6
  • Break 6
  • Buzznet 6
  • EyeSpot 6
  • Flixya 6
  • Grouper 6
  • GoFish 6
  • JumpCut 6
  • Kwego 6
  • LiveVideo 6
  • Lulu 6
  • Multiply 6
  • MyHeavy 6
  • OurMedia 6
  • PutFile 6
  • SoapBox(MSN) 6
  • StupidVideos 6
  • Veoh 6
  • VMix 6
  • VidiLife 6
  • ZippyVideos 6
  • CastPost 5
  • ClipShack 5
  • Doty 5
  • DoveTail 5
  • Famster 5
  • ManiaTV 5
  • MeraVideo 5
  • Openvlog 5
  • Porkolt 5
  • Sharkle 5
  • VideoWebTown 5
  • Vsocial 5
  • VidMax 4
  • Apanatube 3

In summary, in this article we covered:

  • Your website needs backlinks.
  • Search engines put great weight on backlinks.
  • Increase your exposure by posting your video on many sites.
  • Make sure that you look first to see what type of videos and demographic they are targeting.
  • It will take some extra time, but make sure that you fill in the information in the profile section. This information makes you a real person.
  • Don’t forget to post to the social networking sites like Digg, etc.

Richard Day uses videos and articles to make learning to market on the web enjoyable. Many secrets are revealed that will help you be successful. If you want more information about bumping up your traffic, click here

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  • Great article, Richard! As you point out, video creation is not the field of dreams, which is to say “build it and they will come” does not apply to the video you’ve made, no matter how spectacular it may be. For this reason, I think articles like this are very helpful, as they emphasize the need to not only create a great video, but just as importantly, to market and distribute your final product.

  • Great article and very well compiled list of video sites! I have had the best luck with video. I have used a submitter and it has propelled my businesses to very high payouts. I am involved in several companies and it is one of the fastest ways to get exposure if used properly!
    Thanks for sharing!

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