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October 1, 2008

30 Days Blueprint To Be A “Instant” Expert In Your Network Marketing Business

Network Marketing leadership is all about standing out from the crowd. If you want to be a leader, you can not be content with just being ordinary, you’ve got to step into the limelight and become a leader.

But how does one become a network marketing leader? Actually, it is not hard to become a leader if you remember this term – the greatest leader is the greatest server. To become a leader, all you need to do is bust your butt serving others in your team.

One of the best ways to become a network marketing leader is to use the Internet as a publishing platform so that you can connect with people all around the world (and these people are your potential prospects). You don’t need to be an expert at writing or creating content – the simplest way is to get someone to do it for you and pay them!

With globalization and the Internet, most people do not realize that there is a way to get people to produce content from you at an inexpensive rate. In 3rd world countries like India and Philippines, the currency exchange allows the typical American, Canadian or Australian to hire writers at less than half the cost for hiring an American writer.

By leveraging on your writers, you can build an article submission campaign and greatly jumpstart your ‘expert’ credibility. Before you know it, people will be calling you up or emailing you for more information because they perceive you to be an expert they can count on.

You can also gather content and start a blog and position yourself as a network marketing expert. By offering powerful free tips and content, you will woo people over without stepping out from your house.

A good leader is a person who learns to listen to others. Remember, a good leader is not one who talks and talks all the time. You have to learn to be sensitive to other people’s needs. It is like a businessman and his customers. A good businessman is one who anticipates the needs of his customers and give them a product that they want rather than try to create their own product hoping that his customers will like it – it is like putting the cart before the horse.

A good listener is one who not only sympathizes with his people but is also one who shows true empathy. Don’t be a leader whose primary trait is to bark orders and scold others when things go wrong. Learn to manage people wisely because the heart is a very fragile object.

A leader is also one who is willing to brand themselves. When it comes to branding, you must remember that no two leaders are alike and it is pointless to ‘become like somebody else’ – you may admire another leader and try and emulate him, but you must always remember that charisma and flair is very personal and you have to learn to develop your own brand and your own style so that people will remember you. After all, people don’t join a company, they join YOU and you must show them why you are different.

At the end of the day, if you do not become a leader, your network will never grow because people will only listen to a successful leader.

Here is a 30 day blueprint on how you or anyone can become a network marketing leader:

Week 1: Setup your network marketing authority blog

Firstly, you must dispel the myth that the blogosphere is too saturated. If you are in publishing, you are actually ahead of 95% of the world’s population who have never published or authored a single thing in their life (besides their primary school essay exams…)

The next step is to find a blog theme that is very pleasing to the eyes. Don’t look for crazy layouts that distract people from the actual content. The blog layout should also complement your network marketing company’s website to reflect consistency.

Your goal is to gather content and post 3-4 good blog posts on your blog. Although for some people, 3-4 blog posts may seem quite daunting, but in reality, a new blog must be kick started as quickly as possible. After all, you don’t want people to run into a blog without enough solid content. If you can’t write, outsource it to someone who can.

Week 2: Create 10 articles about your network marketing business

Now that your blog is up and running, it is time to get ready your articles for article directory submission. Articles are like bullets for your gun and you need at least 10 articles if you want to achieve substantial results. Once again, if you don’t have a flair for writing, outsource it to other writers because time is money and you want to focus on your primary skill.

Week 3: Submit articles to article directories and link them to your blog and your network marketing company’s website if they have any

Pick 3-4 good article directories and submit them one by one to those websites. The reason why you have to submit to 3-4 is because you want to improve exposure and at the same time, you have to spread out your risks because not all the article directories might accept your articles. When you link it to your blog, you will drive traffic there and links to your network marketing company’s website will educate the prospect about your product and opportunity.

Week 4: Email your prospects and get them to read your articles in your article directory or in your network marketing blog

Once you have got the content and the traffic, it is time to email your prospects to view your finished product. Learn to build up a community within your blog because it is a very good way to keep in touch with your people and address any concerns they might have.

Once you have completed steps 1 to 4, you can be pretty confident that you will have prospects knocking on your virtual doors asking how they can join your network marketing business.


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