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October 2, 2008

How to Write An Article That Promotes Your Product or Service Without Violating The Submission Terms

The benefit of writing an article is to create an interest in your product or service. This form of article marketing is best when your article is in as many places on the Internet as possible, and that usually includes article directories or published in other people’s newsletters. In order for your article to appear in these places, your article must pass certain requirements these directories and e-zines set.

Most, if not all, article directories and newsletter publishers will not accept glorified sales letters as submissions and they may or may not tell you if your article has been rejected. Many article directories will have submission requirements that don’t allow links in the article body, don’t allow you to promote your product or service directly in the article, don’t accept press releases, or don’t allow affiliate links in the resource box.

With all of these submission guidelines, how does one bring attention to their product, service or website? The answer lies in thoughtful article planning. The first step is to create a title that gets people interested in reading the rest of the article. If possible, your title should include a point that showcases your product or service.

The next step is to write a first paragraph that excites the reader while the rest of the article carries them through to the resource box. The rest of the article should get them very interested in, and wanting more of what your article was about.

The last step is guiding the reader to quench their interest. This is done through a call to action in your resource box. Usually this call to action is to have them go to your website to get more information, or to find the complete answer to the question that was answered in the article.

You as the author will need to write an enticing article that promotes your product or service and still stays within the submission terms of most article directories. The best, and easiest way to do this is to answer a question or solve a problem that is common in your area of expertise. You would need to pick a question or solve a problem that really showcases your knowledge, or product in an indirect way. If you focus on a question or problem that specifically relates to your product or service, you can write the article based indirectly on what your product or service can do. This is done by providing the solution to a common problem, or answering a popular question, and then leaving the reader hanging in your concluding paragraph. You would then use your resource box as the follow-up to the last paragraph. It is in your resource box that you would provide the reader with where they can receive more of the solution to their problem. It is important that you send them to a website that is related to the article, and not use the links in your resource box for some random link popularity scheme.

It is relatively easy to write articles that promote your product and service and still keep within the submission terms of the article directories and newsletter publishers. When you learn how to write powerful titles, enticing article bodies, and powerful call-to-action resource boxes, you will have a continuous traffic machine. If you don’t feel you do that now, your next step should be to beef up your article title writing skills and your resource box calls to action.

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