Network Marketing Now – Secrets for Finding Prospects on Online Message Boards

Promoting and advertising your network marketing and MLM business online is challenging. There are many different ways to go about it. If you want to promote your business inexpensively and effectively, message boards and forums are a solid and proven way to do it.

Choosing the Right Message Boards

There are lots of message boards and forums online, on just about every topic you can imagine. Since you are promoting your network marketing business, you will want to choose boards related to home business or working from home. This is where people looking for ways to make money will hang out.

Go to Google and do a search for “home business message boards”, “work from home discussions”, and similar keywords. This will bring up a list of boards and forums that you can visit. Look for boards that are active. Most will display the last post date for their various topics, and the total number of posts in the topic. Look for lots of recent posts as a sign that the message board is active and thriving.

Learn About the Community

Once you have chosen some boards to visit, take time to visit them and do some reading. Get a feel for the community and the type of discussions that go on there. Take a look at the board rules and make sure that “signatures” are okay – most forums allow them, but a few don’t. Once you have a good feel for the community, create an account and get ready to start posting.

The First Rule for Using Message Boards

The first rule for using message boards to promote your network marketing business – do not post advertisements, or direct invitations to consider your opportunity unless the board has a specific section set aside for ads. The boards you want to use will have strict rules about advertising. Posting ads in discussion areas will not attract prospects for your business, and you risk getting banned from posting in the future.

Become a Contributor and Build Your Reputation

Your goal is to establish yourself as an authority and a valuable contributor to the community. There are many more people reading these boards than actually posting, so each time you post, a lot of potential prospects will see it. Will they see you as a leader? This is your objective. Your first thought should be “how can I help or contribute something positive”. You will attract leads for your MLM business over time by doing this.

Creating Your Profile and Signature

Before you get started, be sure to fill out your profile. This is where you can tell more about yourself and create your signature. People can click on your profile at any time and find out more about who you are. Make your profile as complete and meaningful as possible.

Your signature will appear at the bottom of each post you submit. It can contain a link to your site, and usually a line or two you can use for a mini-advertisement. A simple signature might look something like this:

Joe Networker

Build a Profitable Home Business

Visit for more information

Start Posting and Contributing

Once your profile is set up, start looking for messages where someone is asking for help, or a discussion about a home business or network marketing related topic. If you know something that will help someone or contribute to the discussion, post it! Draw on your past experiences. Take time to provide thoughtful and meaningful replies.

Again, the key to making this work is establishing yourself as a leader and someone who is knowledgeable about network marketing and home business in general. People reading the boards will get to know you and you will begin to receive inquiries and visits to your opportunity site after you’ve been active for a while.

Pick a few boards to work with, and try to post something as often as possible. Daily posting is best, but if time is limited you can contribute 3-4 times a week and do well. You want to be seen as active and involved, and frequent posting is the way to achieve this.

Final Thoughts

Proper use of message boards and forums for promoting your network marketing and MLM business can be very effective. The key is to present yourself as a professional. Set yourself apart.

The Internet is full of self-serving business opportunity peddlers who take every opportunity to spam and promote their business on message boards while contributing nothing. These people do not succeed. You, by presenting yourself as a professional, will do well.

Eldon Beard is a network marketing professional who shows you how to start and build your home based business successfully. His popular network marketing and MLM blog shares secrets to help increase your income and build your business the right way.

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  • Very good information on using message boards. You have to take the approach of contributing value to them instead of just going there and spamming them as many newbies in network marketing are doing. They are also a good place for meeting like minded people that who knows you may work with them at some point in the future.

  • Hi, I have seen your post it’s quite fabulous, You have given good amount of information about improving Network Marketing using Online Message Boards.

  • Chris you make a valid point about meeting “like minded people” through network marketing, it’s not what you know that helps with success it’s who you know and how you can help each other. 😉

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    God will appreciate it.

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  • The absolute most important thing you need to know about using online message boards is to lead with value and offer good advice and information first. Once you have proven that you can help them out in any particular niche, then and only then will you be able to possibly have them come to your website and become a prospect.

    Good article

  • Very very insightful. Just thinking about going into forums and found this site. Great content.

    What topics do you suggest I write about when I want to personally start a discussion?


    …fear is the passion of slaves!

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