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October 13, 2008

How To Execute A Profitable PPC Campaign For Your Network Marketing Business

Pay per click is one of the fastest and most effective ways to drive massive traffic to your network marketing sites. If you have the money to spare and a good knowledge of your target market, you can easily turn a huge profit with your network marketing campaign. It is also a very good way to get quality leads and generate massive cash flow for your network marketing business.

One of the best Pay per click (or PPC) techniques out there is to utilize Google AdWords. Google has the largest search engine traffic on the Internet and you can easily get your ads to appear on Google within 10 minutes.

Here are a couple of reasons why you should use PPC:

  • Google is a trusted ‘brand’. When people need to look for information, they would say, “let’s Google it”. You won’t find them saying let’s ‘Yahoo!’ it. They trust Google and they trust that the search engine will lead them the most relevant results. These people are highly targeted leads. You are not chasing after people who are not interested in network marketing, these people are actively searching for it or they are searching for a solution so the traffic is super targeted!
  • One of the advantages of using Google AdWords is that you can get traffic as quickly as 10 minutes. Once your ad is approved, your ad appears on the sponsored section in front of millions of people.
  • You have virtually NO CAP or limit to how much traffic you want to get. You are only limited by your budget and how much you desire to spend.
  • Most of your PPC campaigns will run on autopilot because when you find the winning campaign (turns profit much more than your PPC costs), you only need to check your ads once in a while. Some campaigns can run for a year and they will still turn a profit so it is one of the best autopilot business models around.

Remember, PPC is not just about buying a truckload of keywords hoping that some will turn profit. It is all about research. You should be a ‘sniper’ rather compared to using the ‘shotgun’ approach. The shotgun approach doesn’t work anymore and it would waste a lot of your money so it is highly recommended that you spend 80% of your time doing research your keywords.

So how does one execute research effectively? By studying what the profitable keywords are and studying your competition. Are the advertising bids too high to turn a profit? Can you write a better web copy? Have you split tested your ads? You can even use content ads as well. These are important things you must look out for.

People have been investing in paid traffic since the inception of the Internet. This is a very good strategy for network marketing leaders and builders because you can ‘buy’ your way to financial freedom if you know what you are doing. Learning to master the skill of Pay Per Click will almost guarantee that you have endless leads pouring into your name list or mailing list.

However, most network marketing reps are not very clear about Pay Per Click (or PPC) and they waste tons of money in Google AdWords. If you don’t know how to play the AdWords game well, you will be buried alive in the competition.

You need to keep on top of the game. Here are a couple of tips on how you can avoid any disappointment when investing into PPC:

  • Always, always, always do proper keyword research! I can’t stress this point enough because the key to PPC riches is always in identifying the keywords that make people money. There are so many keywords that you can bid for. You can go for long tail keywords (e.g. how to make money with network marketing), company names (Amway), symbols and your product name (e.g. Nutrilite) as the keywords to bid on.
  • Don’t bid on keywords that are either too generic, too short or too competitive like, MLM, network marketing or home based business. The bids on these keywords are too expensive to turn profit and should only be attempted only when you have enough experience with PPC.
  • You only get 3 lines to convince people to click on your ads so make sure you write a compelling one. State the benefits of your product and outline them within your headline. If possible, include the keyword in your headline and description because it will be highlighted (bold) on the search engine result page and it will catch the prospect’s attention.
  • Your ads are measured by performance. Google rewards good ads by giving them cheaper bid prices and penalizes poor ads by increasing their Cost Per Click (CPC). Try and aim for at least 2.5% CTR or higher so that your CPC will be low.
  • Always split test your ads. Always remember that, your first ads are not necessarily the best. Always compare the ad with another ad and choose the winner.
  • Also, when split testing your ads, make sure you turn off content ads (having your ads appear on publisher’s Google AdSense) because you want to split test only on the same playing field which is based on the search engine result page. That way you can gauge properly which ads are performing.

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