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October 14, 2008

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Article Submission Service

This article is for Internet Marketers who want to experience the maximum benefits of using an article directory submission service. These authors have already gone through the exercise of realizing that in the long run (and short run) article submission services save them money by allowing them to make the best use of their time and not leave money on the table because they aren’t reaching their audience. So now that you are one of those Internet Marketers who want to use an article submission service, how do you get the most out of it?

First, understand what an article submission service cannot do for you; create quality content. If you are making the investment in publishing your articles on the Internet, you want to make the investment to put out quality articles. I can’t tell you how often I have come across articles that were so crappy that I didn’t have any interest in doing anything further with the author of that article. It feels as if they don’t care about their target audience, and are just putting something out there that gets them traffic and link juice. What these authors are missing out on is everything they put out, brands their reputation. The question is; what kind of brand do you want to build for yourself? The article submission service speeds up the branding process, which leaves much less room for error. If you want to have interested visitors coming to your website, then you need to distribute quality articles. Quality articles also build trust in who you are and what kind of integrity you have. If you don’t feel you can write a high quality article about the subject you are interested in, then hire someone. Mass produced crap never wins out on thoughtfully produced quality in the long run.

The next thing is that you should know where your articles are going. Most article submission services allow you to categorize your article so that your article is submitted to any niche related directories on the web. You don’t want a large number of your articles submitted to unrelated directories, because you’ll build up bad karma with the directory owner. Your article submission service should be able to send your articles to different directories depending on the subject matter of the article.

Take advantage of all of the fields that your article submission service gives you when you submit your article to their service. Fill everything out because these fields represent another way that you can get found. If they offer fields for tags, or keywords, fill those in with as much information as the submission service will let you put in without spamming them. Also, if they allow you to put in a summary, fill that in as well using your favorite keywords. You also want to fill in your URL, resource box… everything. Take the care to submit your article to the submission service because you will save time on the back end, so you might as well not cheat yourself out of visitors.

These are just some of the things that you can do to make the most out of your article submission service. Following these tips will increase your chances of driving quality traffic to your website, and building up your brand on the Internet. When you use these tips and include knowing how to write a powerful article, you have a powerful building block for long-term success on the Internet.

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