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How to Use Social Media Marketing to Get Through this Financial Crisis

One of my favorite ways to get free targeted traffic to my websites is through video marketing. It’s not how many views you get, it’s WHO is watching. This is how you rank well on the search engines and drive traffic to your website.

When adding your “description” to the video, implement these in the following order…

First, type in your capture page address (or whatever website you want them to go to)…

http:// www . (Your Own Domain or affiliate link recommended.) The http:// and then the www. is very important particularly on Youtube because it turns the domain into a clickable link.

Second, on the next line after your website address…your phone number (EEK! Yup, this is a business, and you may need to talk to someone that has a question..stop hiding behind your website!!) and name. Then write a few paragraphs describing your video…it’s kinda like a mini-article. what is it about? What are you going to cover? What are you helping the viewer find out? What problem are you attempting to help them solve? Don’t make it about YOU, make it about solutions to THEIR problems.

Third, after your description… add your whole related keyword list… this can be as long as it needs to be, as long as it fits. If you’re into providing a business opportunity, your keyword terms might include…

Mlm, Network marketing, (Top Producers Names so you can piggy-back off their success and popularity), (Other Home Business Company Names), Home Based Business, Entrepreneurs, Multi Level Marketing, Internet Marketing, Mlm Training, Saving money on taxes, debt elimination, (your competition’s company names), Your own name, of course. You ARE trying to become your own BRAND, right?)

I’ll will admit that the keyword technique is a bit lazy, but it still works fine. In the future, we’re sure that the algorithms will catch this and you’ll need to make the whole description all real content, which is better anyway. You will hear us preach about this a lot. You should always keep your real name as a tag/keyword(or if you have a normal name, like Eric Green, turn it into a brand-able name, like digitalgangster—there’s a plug for a great guy…love and respect DG). This is how you can establish yourself as a brand on the internet.

Plus, when you end up on the phone with a prospect (What?? Talk on the phone?? You act like this is a legitimate business with work involved!!—duh!) and they don’t seem to know for sure if you’re an expert in your field, tell them to type your name into the google search engine and see what happens…your name pops up with all kindsa articles, blogposts and videos…don’t worry , it won’t all be from you, either. Other people will pick up your great content and use it for their blogs, etc. We at the FTF find ourselves in the weirdest places—Korean, Arab, and Polish websites!! The main point is that you will be associated with multitudes of sites in your niche market. That looks really good in the eyes of your prospect.

Now back to why you want your competition’s company names as your keywords as well. There are thousands and thousands of people looking online for what you provide, we guarantee it. They may or may not have heard of you yet…they may have heard of your competition first. What does any smart consumer do when they’re not sure exactly what they want yet?


Let’s have an example: Okay, let’s say you’re an affiliate for the The Free Traffic Formula (congrats! You’re in a good spot!), and we have some really famous competition, like “Traffic Secrets VII”, or “Best Dang Ol’ Traffic Drivin’ Program” (Neither are real and we don’t want to front off our expensive and inferior competition. You know who they are, anyway) You make a title for your video like: “Is Traffic Secrets really the best program for you?” Or how about this one—”Why is that ‘Best Dang ol’ Traffic Drivin’ Program’ so DANG OL’ EXPENSIVE? Are there alternatives?”

Of course, someone will look up one of those programs on Google…what will they find? MY video comparing the two (mine and their’s) side by side.

We’ve used this technique countless times and it is still one of our best sources of people calling us with buying questions. Get creative to make it work for you!

Dan Dimit – If you like this information, my blog has 2 fresh posts daily. If you want serious, step-by-step training on how to generate traffic to your site, go to and you can get results in advance by signing up for the free mini course, along with 2 ebooks and weekly conference calls to get your questions answered.

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  • Very good techniques to always be in front of the eyes of people that may interested in what you have to offer. Although you should first concentrate on prospects searching for your company first.

  • […] How to Use Social Media Marketing to Get Through this Financial Crisis  By Dan Dimit One of my favorite ways to get free targeted traffíc to my websites is through video marketing. It’s not how many views you get, it Share and Enjoy: […]

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