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October 29, 2008

How to get Visitors to Stay a Little Longer at Your Website

As you work steadily towards getting your top home-based business on track, one aspect to be considered very carefully is how to persuade visitors to your site to stay a little longer – rather than glance, click and move on!

The first essential point to clarify is who your visitor is and what he/she is looking for. Remember that the internet is all about INFORMATION. Your visitor is looking for information about home business, and has been taken to your site by the search-engine as a result of the key-words that you have carefully selected and placed in your landing page.

There are numerous articles available which discuss key-word strategies, but having done the right thing, you need to persuade your visitor to look a little more closely at the information you provide and which will hopefully give him the answers he is looking for.

Understand that you’ve been careful enough to get him to your landing page, but how do you encourage him to read on a little further? The next item to consider as part of your strategy is that of the first impression created as your visitor clicks to open your site. You have achieved something very special by getting him this far, so don’t waste the opportunity.

Try to have a good look at your landing page – through someone else’s eyes. Is it visually appealing and does it look like a professional business site? Whatever happens don’t overload the page with gimmicks and a heavy sales pitch. Your visitor hasn’t arrived to buy anything! He’s looking for information, remember. Ensure that the key information about the business opportunity you offer is clearly and concisely presented.

Long and involved stories from individuals who claim to have moved from poverty to riches in a flash, will not impress. You do need (genuine) testimonials, preferably verifiable, from those who have succeeded, but don’t overdo this aspect.

The chances are that your visitor is someone just like you or me, and who is in the same sort of predicament that prompted you to start off on the long road to one of the top home-based businesses available on the ‘net. Describe what you did to reach your decision. How did you decide on the particular business opportunity you selected from your search? Give an idea of your search criteria and discuss the steps you took to get where you are, right now.

Some visitors may be impressed by claims of instant riches, but they will be in the minority. Of greater value will be your personal story, even telling about some of your mistakes along the way. A human touch will show your reader that you are a real person, rather than the operator of a slick website aimed at separating your visitor from his cash as quickly as possible, only to leave him high and dry thereafter.

If we have convinced you to re-examine your site, from your visitor’s perspective, then this article will have met its purpose. If you are proud of your site, and ready to promote it and stand by it, you’re already halfway to success. Good luck!

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