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November 3, 2008

How Article Writing and Article Marketing can Make You Money Online

Article writing and article marketing can make you money online: in fact they can make you a lot of money if you use article marketing properly, and your article writing is of a good standard.

There are several ways in which writing articles can make you money, although by far the most immediately effective are not the backlinks to your website from the URL in your ‘author’s resource’, but those that actually read the articles. Too many people write about the importance of these links back from the article directories, and too few about the listings that your articles can get in Google and the other search engines.

Were readers not important, your standard of writing would be of less importance than keeping the Google LSI algorithm happy, and grammar would be relatively meaningless. However, for my own part, I get a lot more exposure from Google listings of my articles than from improved web page listings due to Google PageRank. I also get good exposure through visitors to article directories reading my articles.

So what is this exposure in numerical terms? I can’t put a figure to the number of visitors through articles being listed on Page 1 of Google for their keywords, but I know that I get several hundred to over a thousand readers of each article I have published on many of the more popular article directories. It is that which provides you with immediate traffic to your website, and nothing else related to article writing or article marketing.

So, how would I rank each of the ways that article marketing can help you to make money? I am not suggesting that this is definitive, and I am certain that others would disagree with me, but this is my opinion based upon results of my articles:

1. Article directory readers clicking through to my website.

My reason for placing this as the #1 benefit is that every time I publish an article on the 100 or so directories that I commonly use, and on the various ezines to which my articles are also offered for publication, I get a good surge in sales of the products I am promoting. This benefits both me and those that purchase my products.

2. Exposure of my articles on Google and the other search engines.

This is a benefit that many are unaware of. Each of your articles that are accepted by an article directory is given its own page within the directory. Article directory pages are the same as any other web page in that they can be listed on search engines. That is why so many people are now turning to article marketing and writing articles for directory publication: if they are written well and the SEO is good, then they will be listed on Google and the rest.

Many of my articles hold four or more listings on the first page of Google, and this also gets me good exposure to visitors and more sales. However, the important factor here is the SEO and the LSI approach that caters to the spider’s needs – Google’s in particular – regarding web page content without repetition of keywords. It is a skill, and one that I have frequently written about, although latent semantic indexing is much misunderstood.

3. Copying of my articles to other websites.

This is a good way of getting exposure on other websites, although the person copying your article must also keep your Author’s Resource Box intact, whether it is present as a separate box or simply added to the end of the article. Otherwise it is breach of copyright, and I always follow through any such breaches I find out about.

4. Google PageRank (correct spelling).

Google provides you with PageRank points for each web page that has a link back to a page on your own website. The points are given to the page linked to, not the entire domain. The points depend on the PageRank of the page providing the link and the number of other links leaving that page. The more points, the higher your Google PageRank, shown on the Google toolbar as a green line, but with a numerical rating of from 0 – 10. Nobody knows how many links you need to move from one number to the next.

Your PageRank is a factor taken into account in Google’s search engine results positions. You generally need a lot of back links to make a great deal of difference, but article writing can help you to get a lot of links in a short period of time. This is a longer term benefit, and unless you are clever, your PR will drop over time due to the duplication of your articles over a large number of directories.

These are the four major ways in which article writing and using them in article marketing can make you money. There is a lot more to it than just throwing up a few articles, however, and it is the content, the way they are written and the way that articles are promoted that will bring you success. In spite of what many write and say, good grammar and spelling are important in retaining a reader’s interest, and persuading them that you can help them to sell products and make money.

Pete is an article ghostwriter with a good knowledge of SEO, and is rated 20 of 3660 for SEO on – if you want to learn more about his expertise, and use article marketing to make you money, check out Article Czar where the information he gives is invaluable.