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November 3, 2008

Network marketing – The Surgeon’s Knife or the Murderer’s Weapon?

Network marketing is an industry that is quite controversial in the eyes of others. Those that are in network marketing are often faced with the daunting task of telling their friends and family members about their business – often laden with fear!

Why should it be this way?

Most of the time, network marketing reps develop such a guilty complex that when they share their business opportunity or product with others, they do it sheepishly or without confidence, and people see right through them. It shows that their intention when sharing with others isn’t very clear at all.

Take a knife for example – a knife when used in the right hands, such as in the hands of a surgeon, will save lives while the same knife, in a murderer’s hand can be used to take lives and hurt others.

Network marketing is just like that.

If you approach your prospects with the intention of making use of them or making money off them, then you are not using your network marketing ‘knife’ correctly. We should be like the surgeon when we share our network marketing opportunity – because network marketing really show what kind of character we really are and if your intention is to help others, then that should be the way to go.

Here are a few examples on how you should approach others with your network marketing business:

Don’t be shy when you approach your prospects. You must talk about your network marketing opportunity with conviction and confidence! Have the correct mindset that you are using network marketing to save people from poverty and use it to empower people who are struggling. Remember, this is your chance to give somebody something that is very good! If you feel that you are ‘cheating’ others by sharing your network marketing opportunity with them, your lack of conviction will betray you and you will look bad in front of your prospect. So speak up and tell them, “YES, I’m in network marketing!”

You can do the same with your product. Let’s say you have a great product that can boost your immune system and battle disease… would it seem wrong to ask the ‘patient’ to buy your ‘life saving’ product? Of course not! You are trying to use it to save people’s lives!

As a network marketing leader, your duty is to help others to succeed. Any serious network marketing leader will do their best in trying to help their downline to achieve success. Don’t sit around waiting for them to bring prospects into their network, go out with them and help them out of any tight spot (or answer questions) and let them benefit by leveraging on your confidence, leadership and experience.

Success in the network marketing business is also determined by a person’s ability to work SMART besides working hard. Remember, a cow works hard in its life but what does the cow accomplish at the end of the day?

So how does one work smart in network marketing?

If I can grab two words out of thin air that will take your business to the next level, it will be these two words – sales and marketing.

Most of the time, people can’t tell the fundamental differences between these two words. They mistakenly believe that they amount to the same thing. On the other hand, those who understand the true meaning of these words are able to save themselves much heartache and achieve better success in their network marketing business.

‘Sales’ is all about PUSH. When you push a product, you are essentially convincing a person to accept your opinion even if that opinion is contrary to yours. You may try very hard at persuading or even bribing the other party, but you must always remember – a man that is convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.

‘Marketing’ is all about PULL. Instead of shoving a product down people’s throat, you are trying a different approach to get the other party to show interest in what you have to offer. For example, you can ‘market’ your weight loss product by firstly, losing weight yourself, and when the other party notices your tremendous improvement, they will naturally come to you asking you about the product, the benefits, etc.

The dynamics of people coming to you is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from you going to another person. It is so fundamentally different, that it can make or break your business depending on how you play on this factor.

Here is one thing that is seldom taught in network marketing. It is about identifying your TARGET MARKET. Your target market is a prospect who is either interested in making money from your business opportunity, or someone who is looking for your product or the benefits that your product offers.

The reason why many network marketing reps act like a sleazy salesman/saleswomen, is because their network marketing companies wrongly teach them that EVERYBODY is their target market.

This is completely wrong.

Not everyone is your target market because not everyone is interested in your opportunity and not everyone wants to use the product.

Treating every single person on this earth as your target market is one of the most time wasting tasks in network marketing.

In order to drive home the point, ask yourself – if you are a bible salesman, would you sell your bibles to a group of Muslims? Of course not, right? It is logical that if you want to sell bibles, you should target Christians or people who are interested in learning more about Christianity.

Once you master the ability to attract your target market, you can effectively market your product to them and they will not put up much resistance.

At the end of the day, your ability to market will determine your effectiveness in network marketing and you will be able to achieve network marketing success easily with this skill.

Remember, in network marketing, the more people who join you, means that you get to help more people battle. Network marketing is your vehicle to success, so make sure you stick on the road to success and don’t drive yourself into a ditch by using it the wrong way.


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