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November 11, 2008

Search Engine Ranking and Article Marketing

The relationship between search engine ranking and article marketing is neither tenuous nor unknown: it is well understood, and used by many to attain high search engine listings for specific keywords. If you can write and also understand how search engines decide on their ranking positions, then you can use that knowledge to get very high search engine rankings.

Article marketing offers a number of ways of getting your web pages noticed by Google and the other search engines, and in these austere days when you have to make every dollar count, a high search engine ranking is essential for online business success, and article marketing can help you to achieve that.

That is not to infer that other means of promoting your website are not worth considering but it is a fact that an increasing number of articles are appearing in the Google listings for specific keywords. In fact, it is difficult at times to find a Google results page without at least one article listed on the page of an article directory. That in itself is sufficient incentive for anybody to use article marketing to improve their search engine ranking and so the traffic to their website.

So how do you do it? How do you get your article listed in page 1 of Google, as many of them are? One of the advantages of using article marketing as an SEO tool is that the article directories themselves do most of the search engine optimization for you, and all you need do is to get the keyword density and use of contextually related vocabulary right.

Although this is popularly known as LSI (latent semantic indexing) it isn’t really, because LSI is a concept as opposed to an SEO technique. What people really mean when using the term is that your text should contain vocabulary that relates to the keyword in a way that makes it clear to search engine algorithms just what the topic of your article is. If you get that right then Google will notice you: that is because Google regards the LSI algorithm of extreme importance in determining the relevance of your article to the keyword used by the Google user.

When writing articles, and using SEO to optimize them, never lose sight of the fact that the most important party here is the Google customer using the search engine to find information using the search term they have entered into the Google search box. Google will analyze every web page, including article directory pages, to find content that is most related to the keyword that Google customer is using. When your content is judged to have high relevance to the keyword used by the search engine customer, then that is when you get a high search engine ranking.

This is where a well written article, with well placed keywords (but not too many of them) will get your article listed on Page #1 for the keyword being used, and so as much traffic as possible. What many don’t appreciate is that every search is different, and that your web pages are on view to only one person at a time for each keyword. Although the monthly demand for that keyword might be 10,000, it is on view to only one person for each individual search, and you have to persuade the search engine (whether Google, Yahoo or any other

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