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November 12, 2008

Search Engine Marketing Strategy – How To Get The No. 1 Spot On Google!

Marketing your website to highly targeted customers can be accomplished most effectively by following this powerful search engine marketing strategy.

This search engine marketing strategy is working quite well for me…

First thing to do is find your keyword niche and base your search engine marketing strategy around this keyword phrase.

My search engine marketing strategy does NOT cost me a red cent!

First I went to and used their free trial…

I then entered into the wordtracker tool my keyword “Internet Marketing” to get other related keywords along with each one’s KEI (keyword effectiveness index).

To maximize your search engine rankings look for keyword phrases with a KEI of 25 or higher. The higher the KEI, the more popular your keywords are, and the less competition they have. This means you have a great chance of getting to the top of page 1 on Google…

The Search Engine Marketing Strategy Holy Grail!

The keyword phrase I chose was the one at the top of wordtracker’s list with the highest KEI, in my case “online job search affiliate internet marketing program”.

Because Internet Marketing is highly competitive I like to use long tail keywords – or keyword phrases with 5 or more words.

I then wrote an article around the keyword phrase “online job search affiliate internet marketing program”. I put this keyword phrase in my article with just under 2% keyword density. This means my keyword phrase appears roughly 2 times for every 100 words in my article.

Anything higher than 2% keyword density might get flagged by Google as spam and kill your search engine rankings so try and keep it under 2%.

I then optimized my article by using the keyword phrase in the title, the first paragraph, the body, and at the end of the article. Don’t just stick the keyword phrase in your article to get it in, make sure your article makes grammatical sense otherwise it will appear “spammy”.

I posted my article on my blog and submitted it to the following 2 sites, for free:



My article titled “online job search affiliate internet marketing program” now occupies the top of page 1 on Google – and this all happened within a matter of minutes after posting it!

So in a nutshell all I did was write one article around the keyword phrase “online job search affiliate internet marketing program”, then posted it on Squidoo and Digg!

Then like magic in less than 30 minutes my article got listed on(and still is as of this writing)the first spot on page 1 of Google!

And this Killer Search Engine Marketing Strategy is totally FREE!

Want proof?

Type in the following phrase on Google: “online job search affiliate internet marketing program” (without the quotes), and you will see my article titled “online job search affiliate internet marketing program” in the no. 1 spot on Google…

A truly beautiful thing!

Now that you have a powerful Search Engine Marketing Strategy that won’t cost you a penny, all you gotta do is find some quality Affiliate Programs to promote.

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