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November 13, 2008

How to Dominate ANY Niche Using Squidoo

What’s Squidoo? It’s a Web 2.0 content site that allows you to share content and network with like-minded others. And if you’re a marketer, it’s a site that allows you to dominate your niche, build your list, and make more money. Just remember: today is the day of social marketing. Social sites are created daily worldwide. Niches are discovered in minutes. Money is ready to be made. Only the best wins! This is a new opportunity that nobody want to be leave behind. Countless new comers are jumping into the wagon to compete each other.

Sounds good, right? You bet! The problem is that not every body well know how to play their part and how to leverage their advantages. But tips described below will be the solutions. Here’s a quick and easy blueprint you can start using immediately…

1) Choose Long-Tail keywords

Google loves Squidoo. And that means if you optimize your site around long-tail keywords (those that tend not to have a lot of competition in the search engines), then you stand a good chance of dominating the search engines for those keywords.

Now, you probably know that keywords that don’t have a lot of competition from other marketers are that way for a reason. Namely, they also don’t get a lot of traffic. But collectively, optimizing for dozens of these sorts of keywords can bring in hundreds or even thousands of visitors.

TIP: Use WordTracker to uncover the best keywords with the smallest amount of competition.

2) Create Your Page

Once you have your long-tail keywords (like “how to train a poodle”), it’s time to create your Squidoo page. Ideally, you should use your keywords in your Squidoo Lens title, in your links, and sprinkled throughout your content at about a 3% to 5% density rate (meaning your keywords show up 3-5 times for every 100 words of content).

But don’t just focus on your keyword density rate and nothing else. You need to create a page that others will appreciate. And that’s because Squidoo members rate your page – the better rating you get, the higher your site will be ranked on Squidoo… and the more traffic you get.

TIP: Be sure to encourage people to rate your site!

3) Drive Traffic to Your Page

Next, you should promote your site by doing things like: Blogging about it; Exchanging links with other Squidoo members; Writing articles and submitting them to article directories; Telling your list about it.

4) Network With Others

Finally, you need to use the social aspects of Squidoo by networking with like-minded members. Comment on their blogs. Link to them. Get them to join your list of contacts.

Why? Because the more contacts you have and more respected you are in the community, the more traffic you’ll get… and the more money you’ll make. It’s as simple as that.

5) Get the Social List Building Ebook

Finally, your last step is to get your hands on the brand new “Smartway Social List Building” ebook, where you’ll discover the secrets of using social media sites to build a big, responsive list.

Sudarmaji Lamiran SPd is CEO of SmartwayInternetCompany. He is an expert on building lists using social sites. Learn how to build a powerful and responsive list fast through his latest ecourse Smartway Social List Building