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November 13, 2008

Visual Techniques For Your Opt In List

If you are going to use online marketing tools, you must be well-versed on what makes a page visually appealing to people. Have you ever encountered a page where you seem to feel bombarded or suffocated with the long lines of text and improperly selected colors or templates? Certainly, you would not want your website to be classified under that category.

You must be able to render some semblance of visual quality to match the quality of your products and your business. Few people are going to put up with lousy visuals no matter how good the offer is or how promising the product seems to be.

When you are designing your page, you must take into the account the usual manner with which people read. It is usually done in a left to right fashion. So it would do you a lot of good if you will position your subscription somewhere in the right. Also, it will draw the prospects’ attention to the upper right hand side of your page if you attach and image.

The top and center portion of the page is also a good place to put your killer headline, which must in a nutshell summarize the benefits that your prospect can get if he or she continues to focus on what is being offered in this page or the next.

Placing anchor text in the midst of your articles or blocks of text regarding similar topics that you have may also help the linger longer in the page and have a desire to explore it.

Speedreaders are also popular in the Internet. People apparently tend to read material in an S-like fashion. And people are least likely to take breaks while reading, so you must do this minor favor for them by providing lots of white space in the middle of chunks of information so that their eyes can breathe and be able to brace themselves to absorb the next point.

If anything, the last thing you would want your readers to suffer from is information overload. That will definitely have you in their do-not-visit-again list.

When you are also providing your contact numbers, please do include it already in your signature. The signature signals the end to the reader, and the text that appears beyond the signature is usually left unread because most people are more than ready to move on to the next page after the signature.

Before you also provide your readers with information, you might want to strategically place in your squeeze page and have them opt-in before viewing the rest of the page they are trying to read. This way, you will get their email address and have them instantly included in your prospects.

However, some people may actually put in a bogus email address. To avoid this, have the needed information sent to the email address they placed. This will compel them to give out their authentic email address to be able to have access to the desired information.

The way you insert the option for readers to opt-in must also be assertive in a non-obtrusive kind of way.

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