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November 18, 2008

Are Your Online Marketing Methods Boring? Try Twitter!

The most Internet marketing fun you will ever have!

I have to admit there are many parts of Internet marketing which are downright boring for me. Rewriting articles into original content, submitting links to directories, the record keeping involved…these are all important, but they are not my most enjoyable tasks.

Therefore, I am very excited when something comes along which not only works well, but I can have fun with too! Twitter is my cool new Internet marketing tool I have been using lately. I can honestly say it is probably the most fun I have had with any marketing method!

I had my account for a while before I took Twitter serious. Sure it was fun. But was it really worth my time? When I kept seeing many of the top Internet marketing gurus using Twitter, I decided to take a closer look. After all, those top marketers probably weren’t spending their time with Twitter unless it was producing results for them.

I decided to give Twitter a closer look. I dug into it to find out exactly how marketers like John Reese and Willie Crawford were using it. It amazed me how much time they were devoting to this new marketing method! My methods were hit and miss at first, but thanks to a few Twitter mentors I was able to craft a system which is working very well for building a large following. At the time of this writing, I am consistently adding more than 50 new followers a day!

Imagine! 50 new leads a day which cost me virtually NOTHING but a small amount of “fun time” on Twitter. Also, the best part about my methods is that the new followers I get are targeted. It really does no good for me to get leads who are not interested in Internet marketing. For example, those tweeting about “gardening” or “coin collecting” really won’t do many any good as followers.

Although there are large amounts of Twitter users in the area of Internet marketing, Twitter is also used by followers in many other niches. Once you learn the process of “Twittering” and how to attract targeted followers for your niche, the sky really is the limit! Best of all, unlike many other marketing methods, Twittering is an absolute blast of fun!

Here are a few hints for Twittering success:

  • Always have a descriptive bio of yourself and include a great landing page. You are allowed one active link in your bio. You can include other URL’s in your description, but they will not be active.
  • Make sure you take advantage of the reply and direct message features. These two features are the real “meat and potatoes” of Twitter. Using them will result in strong (and profitable) relationships with other users.
  • Use a link shortening tool like TinyURL to shorten links to deal with the 140 character limit for each tweet.
  • There are some cool third part tools which I use to ramp up Twitter’s marketing potential. Be sure to see my Twitter bio for more information about this.

Give Twitter a try for a few weeks and watch the results!

Steve Weber quit the rat race and now works full time from his home. Want to learn how you can do it too? Click here for a free video =>