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December 2, 2008

Making Money In Your Home Business Using Classified Ads

Classified advertising is a very good method that you can utilize. It is an inexpensive form of advertising which is very common in newspapers and you can use it for your network marketing business.

So how does classified advertising work if you want to generate leads online?

Classified ads are text based and you can write a few lines in your ads to get people to click on your links. Although your ads will be squeezed amongst lots of other classified ads, you can still get people’s attention by writing a compelling ad.

One of the reasons why classified ads are very effective is because of its low cost.

One such site is Craigslist. It is one of the most visited classified ads sites on the planet and people place all sorts of ads in Craigslist based on locality. Because you are able to locate where your target market is, you get to tailor your ad towards the locality – e.g. network marketing seminar tips in Texas!

Now, Google and Microsoft are currently offering free classifieds. Their free classifieds advertising power is growing into an international force, and eBay has been reported investing more than $1 billion in classified advertising and online sites all over the world.

Since publishing costs have been reduced when people are placing their ads online, it is getting more and more competitive. But this is good news for the advertiser. The margins are getting lesser and lesser and you can save tons of money as classified publishers are engaged in a price war.

Here are a number of effective ways that you can use to build your network marketing business using classified advertising.

Firstly, go to Select the city that you would like to start with and pick the category that you would like to advertise under – namely the ‘small business ads’ section.

Write a compelling headline – some of the best headlines contain the words ‘how to’ or ‘free’. Because people are inquisitive by nature, these two headlines attract the most people to read it. Enter the city you are in to drive even more targeted traffic there.

Classified advertising is all a numbers game. If you know that a certain number of people are going to click on your ads, you can try and expand your ‘influence’ to as many people as possible. So don’t just focus on only one location. Write a couple of headlines and pay someone to post your ads all over Craigslist locations all around your location.

The most important thing about driving classified ads is to track your ads and see if your words are converting the prospects into clicks or not. Try to mix and match different ad headlines until you get a winning ad.

Beside Craislist, US Free Ads is another free web service that allows you to place ads similar to a classified advertising. US Free Ads is one of the 5,000 most visited sites on the planet according to Alexa.

By positioning your business opportunity on sites like US Free Ads, you can be sure to drive tons of traffic and generate endless leads for your website.

There are many categories under US Free Ads that you can target. One of the best categories you can target is the business opportunity and marketing category which is a favorite for people who are in network marketing and other related home business opportunities.

Here is how you should get started:

  1. Register for a new account if you don’t already have an account
  2. Choose the category you would like to place your ad – as mentioned above, business opportunities and marketing are a targeted choice.
  3. You can choose your type of ad whether it is in the form of HTML or in the form of text.
  4. Write the contents for your ad to get people’s attention
  5. Preview your ad first and make any adjustments from there
  6. View your ad once it is live.

There are a few things you must do in order to effectively drive traffic to your network marketing sites:

  • Always split test and tweak your ad copy. Remember, your first written ad might not perform the best so make sure you always test and choose the winning ad. Remember, your web copy can make or break your conversions.
  • Choose an enticing thumbnail for your ad. When you choose a thumbnail, it doesn’t necessarily need to be related to your network marketing opportunity. It could be something shocking or eye catching (like the picture of a beautiful women standing next to a glamorous car). That way, you get to stand out among the thousands of ads placed on the site.
  • Make sure you have a compelling landing page. Offer a free report or something of value to entice your prospects to join your mailing list.

There are also different levels that you can register as a member. Certain levels offer you the chance to upgrade to a GOLD or PREMIUM membership. These membership levels give you access to certain privileges like running more than two ads at one time, and the chance to advertise in high traffic areas. If you have a killer product, you can consider upgrading.

If you advertise in these two classified ads consistently, you should be able to generate endless leads and prospects to your business opportunity.


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