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December 9, 2008

Enough Google Tweaking Already!

David Berkowitz made an interesting blog post today about Google entitled “So Over Google” where he cites some of the frustrations people have with Google. Their gripes reflected some of my own and I suspect will strike a chord with many Google users, especially marketers and webmasters. As Google continues to move from search domination to search monopoly, the company is likely to experience the same sort of underlying resentment that Microsoft has endured with its monopoly of operating systems.

Ask yourself if any of the following Google gripes cited in the Berkowitz post reflect your own feelings:

1. Google’s results pages change too frequently.

2. Google’s personalized search results are restrictive rather than helpful.

3. Google’s SearchWiki is an experiment searchers can live without.

4. Ying and Yang: Google is so good that trying other engines is a waste of time or just not good enough so other engines need to be used which is a waste of time.

Post your feedback and any of your own Google gripes here or over at David’s blog.