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December 12, 2008

How To Write A Press Release And Publish It Successfully

To stand any chance of succeeding with an online business, you are going to have to drive targeted traffic to your website. Even then, success is not guaranteed! However, the good news for Internet marketers who are working on a shoestring budget is that some of the most effective publicity methods are either quite cheap or completely free.

One cheap and effective method is to write a press release on a regular basis. You will be missing out on a great opportunity to get your website noticed if you do not do this.

It is also a good way to bring your website to the attention of an established journalist who may just decide to run a feature on it.

Let’s look at some of the benefits and techniques involved.

One big benefit is that when you write a press release and publish it, it will be picked up by various news wire services over the internet so your website will get a lot of links from high ranking websites. Other website owners may then pick up your article and publish it on their sites, generating yet more links to your site.

The result of all these extra links will be a higher page rank for your site. As your site gets promoted on the search engines it will begin to get a lot more traffic.

Once you have discovered how easy it is to issue a press release you will want to make it a regular part of your website publicity effort. Issuing regular press releases is one of the best things you can do to get yourself branded as an expert in your particular field.

However, the benefits I have mentioned will only accrue to your website if your press releases are effective. Sadly many press releases sink like a stone. Bear in mind that news wire services receive hundreds of press released every day so they can afford to be selective. To make sure yours gets picked up and published you will need to follow some simple steps.

Place your name, company and contact details in the top left corner where the editor can see it easily.

Next, concentrate on writing a strong opening that paints a vivid picture of the problem that your product or service will solve. Then, explain how you provide the solution. This is where you mention your website URL. Actually, you might want to repeat the name of your website or your product two or three times to impress it upon the reader’s memory.

Write to your target market from their own perspective and use the language they tend to use so that you can connect with them. The aim is to grab the reader’s attention, but bear in mind that the first reader you need to convince is the editor! He is in a hurry, so make it easy for him by keeping the paragraphs and sentences short, make use of white space and don’t use more than a few hundred words.

Another tip is to include a good photo if at all possible. A picture-led story is much more likely to be picked up and published. Even better, a story accompanied by a good photo will most likely be more prominently displayed.

Finally, seek to develop a good working relationship with the editors you submit to as this will yield good dividends over time.

It is not difficult to learn how to write a press release and get it published. It is a cheap and effective way to generate maximum targeted publicity for your website and get yourself branded as an expert in your field.

David Hurley is an Internet marketer based in Hiroshima, Japan. His website focuses on affiliate marketing programs and features a FREE Internet start-up course for your home based business success. No sign up required: Check it out, here!