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December 31, 2008

Web 2.0 Tools and Making Money Online

There are a lot of different social networking sites that people are using to make money. If you find the right site and establish yourself you can take advantage of this. How do you capitalize to maximize your investment of time so you achieve maximum results? Choose the right site and get the right results. Here are three helpful tips:

  1. Choose the site with the right demographic. Use a site that matches your target audience’s usage. You might need to dabble and play with a few to find the right site but a bit of research will help you find the right social networking site.
  2. Find the right people to network with. Twitter is useless unless
  3. you have the right followers. MySpace only helps you if you interact with people. FaceBook is only good if you maximize it, etc.
  4. Learn how to make money with each site.

Finding The Right Demographic

You might need to dabble and play with a few to find the right site but a bit of research will help you find the right site. There are sites that are targeted to music or movie lovers. There are sites that offer micro blogging that you can find a lot of people on. And there are sites that you can mine for information about users so that you find out if that site has people who are potential customers for you.

Find the Right People

If you’re selling memberships to a mp3 download site you want to be using a social networking site that has a lot of music lovers. There are a lot of them such as: Buzznet, Capazoo, imeem, and others. If you are into books, look at sites like: Shelfari, LibraryThing and Anobil. Mine the site for that information so you know you’re in the right place but then target those people. Interact with people and you might make some sales. If you look like you’re trying to sell you might not sell but if you network in the right way people may visit your links and buy something from you.

Learn How To Make Money From Social Sites

How do you make money with social sites? Here are some examples. On a question and answer site like Yahoo Answers, answer questions and put your sales site as a reference. Do this when the question actually requires that type of answer and do provide value or you’ll be banned. On something like Twitter, add your URL to your site and look for people through a tool like Twitter Search to find people that talk about your subject. On FaceBook you can advertise and create a fan wall or group. On forums put your signature on all posts with links to your site and establish yourself as a helpful expert. On other tools like FriendFinder you can literally find online friends that you can utilize as clients or people who will help you promote your sites.

Social media continues to explode in terms of potential and volume. The web is all about interaction. Learn how to interact with people interested in what you’re selling and you can unleash social marketing tools to their full potential.

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